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Upcoming iPhone 13: Launch date, specifications, and pricing

Apple iPhone 13 Featured Image

The new iPhone 13 is speculated to launch in the latter part of this year, probably in September if everything goes right. In this article, we bring you some interesting leaks and rumours about the upcoming iPhone 13.


The iPhone 13 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there may not be huge upgrades and improvements due to the inability to resource new raw materials and hardware.

People are excited about this one because most people buy the vanilla variant of the series. The iPhone 12 is the most sold smartphone in the entire iPhone 12 series, according to revelations by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, during the fiscal Q2, 2021 earnings call.

  • The iPhone 13 is tipped to sport a smaller notch.
  • There is supposed to be a re-designed camera module at the back
  • Rumours suggest Apple might finally introduce an in-display fingerprint scanner on their iPhones
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Apple iPhone 13 First Look

It will be interesting to see what Apple will offer us this year with its upcoming iPhone 13

iPhone 13 leaks and rumours:

Of the earliest of leaks, the iPhone 13 will be similar to the current-gen iPhone 12. It will have the same flat edges with rounded corners. An interesting point to note will be the new smaller notch up-front on display.

It is being said that the smaller notch is achieved by putting all three sensors, the dot projector, an IR sensor and an IR flood illuminator, in a single module. This has resulted in saving some space and hence a smaller notch.

Renders also show that the earpiece has moved to the top bezel. The device is also seen as a little thicker than the iPhone 12, probably to fit a bigger capacity battery.

It was interesting to see in the render that the space for the camera module is the same as the iPhone 12, but the sensors are weirdly placed in a diagonal.

This seems a little hilarious and frankly speaking, I’m not much impressed by this placement.


Some latest news also reported that Samsung would be supplying Apple with high refresh rate OLED LTPO panels. This probably suggests the iPhone 13 series will come with an OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. 

 Other reports suggest that this time around, Apple may include Touch ID-based in-display fingerprint scanners. Not only that, we may now always-on display features in the newer iPhones.


Furthermore, the most prominent upgrade would be a new processor. The iPhone 13 series will supposedly feature a brand new A15 Bionic chipset.

It will also be based on a 5nm fabrication process similar to the previous A14 Bionic chips.

The chipset is now being manufactured by TSMC, the world’s largest chipset maker. It is expected to bring more battery efficiency with increased performance.


iPhones are infamous for storage problems as they don’t provide any expansion slot for extra memory. Moreover, their range-topping variant is also limited to only 512GB of storage. But this time around, it is expected that things are going to change.

According to some reports, it is speculated that the new iPhone 13 models may get up to 1TB of in-built storage.

Many users opt for the highest storage variant available for obvious reasons. So, this seems to be a good decision by Apple.


Talking about another big upgrade would be cellular connectivity. This time around, Apple will offer 5G connectivity on iPhones. Apple has partnered with Qualcomm, which will provide them with a Snapdragon X60 5G modem. The X60 5G modem will be integrated with the latest A15 Bionic chip to provide 5G capabilities and save battery life. 

Qualcomm’s chips are very battery-efficient, so this will help churn out more juice from the iPhone 13 models.

Camera System

Moving forward, another improvement would be in the camera department. However, we haven’t heard of any news yet on the camera development, but our sources have hinted at something about it.

The current iPhone 12 series has a five-element ultra-wide lens, to be more specific on the Pro and Pro Max models. This time around, Apple will bring a six-element ultra-wide lens with its iPhone 13 series. Not sure if all the phones in this series will use it, but we can probably expect it in the higher models.

Now thinking of what upgrade this setup will bring. We know more is always better, which will help the ultra-wide camera in better auto-focus capabilities and image clarity. It will also benefit night photography.

Some reports also suggest that this time around, the LiDAR sensor will be used in all phones of the iPhone 13 series and the Sensor-Shift image stabilisation technology. However, it is an expensive feature that will only make up for in the Pro models, as it is currently featured in the iPhone 12 Pro Max only.

Moreover, sensor-shifting OIS will help better-stabilised videography and low-light photography.

Apple's iPhones
Expectation of Periscope Camera mechanism

In addition to this, it is worth noting that Apple is also searching for suppliers to provide them with “folded lens” or, in simple words, periscope camera modules.

It seems like Apple will also now join the Zoom game, giving its opponents a healthy competition, more likely to Samsung, Xiaomi, and also Huawei, which was one of the first brands to offer it.

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As read earlier, there may be a slight increase in the phone’s thickness. This will primarily be due to the implementation of bigger battery packs in the newer models. We know that iPhones have a very decent battery life, but it seems that Apple is also trying to improve this concern.

Coming from a legit Apple analyst, Apple is working on new soft battery technology, which will improve battery capacity, leading to improved battery life.

When will the iPhone 13 launch?

At this time, there’s no vital information about when the iPhone 13 will launch. However, we expect that the new iPhone 13 will be launching in September, seeing the past trend.

For the moment, Apple has also announced the date for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled to be held from June 7 to June 11.

This time also, it will be a virtual event like last year in light of the ongoing pandemic worldwide.

As the name suggests, the event will be a conference of developers worldwide with Apple engineers. Apple is also expected to announce their latest software versions at this conference.

Also, they might reveal some information about the upcoming iPhone 13 models at the conference.

It would be interesting to see what new developments Apple showcases. Apple will share information about their new OS versions, likely iOS 15, macOS 12, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15.

The Expected Price of iPhone 13:

Currently, there are no hints about the pricing of the iPhone 13. We can expect the pricing to slightly increase by looking at the upgrades in the newer models and Apple’s pricing for its last-gen device, iPhone 12 series. The starting price may be around Rs 78,000 to Rs 80,000, which is quite expensive. 

But who cares about spending this much if it’s an iPhone?

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Final Verdict

Compiling the above rumours and leaks will be interesting to see if everything is put up together. If this happens, it will be a power-packed iPhone. 

But considering the current situation in mind, the ongoing pandemic may affect the supply chain for raw materials. As a result, this may lead to some of the features being ditched and planned for future devices.

There is no news about the above issue, which suggests that everything expected in the upcoming iPhone 13 may come out to be true.

Speaking of which, these were only speculations and rumours that we brought to you in this article.

The actual product may or may not come up with the above-listed features as it solely depends on the company itself.

Furthermore, we will keep you updated with more information as soon as we find out.

Till then, have a good time reading. Stay at home, stay safe and never forget to wear a mask.


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