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Upcoming Apple Watch Series 7: Specifications, features, and Others

Apple Watch 7 Series
The next-gen Apple Watch Series 7 is probably going to launch in the latter part of this year, most likely in September. Coming from many leaks and rumours, we now have a fair idea about its features and specifications.
Let us learn more about it in this article.


  • The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to launch in September along with iPhone 13 series.
  • Addition of a new health-tracking feature called Glucometer.
  • Rumours suggest it might have a flat display this time around.


Apple’s premium offering in the smart wearables category, the Apple Watch, has been the king of smartwatches for quite a while. 

Due to its immense popularity and success, we have already witnessed its last six generations rule the market.

Of the many smartwatches flooded in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Watches are its neck-to-neck competitor.

But still, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has little room left to match the dominance and finesse of the Apple Watch Series.

Apple Watch Series 7
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Expected new updates:

This time around, Apple is gearing up for its latest-gen Apple Watch Series 7.

According to the leaks and speculations flowing over the internet, we have been able to gather a decent volume of information about the new Apple Watch Series 7.

Adding to that, some latest reports suggest that this time around, the Apple Watch will have a flat display. Instead of curved edges, the Watch will have flat edges inspired by the iPhone 12 series. 

Features like alcohol monitoring, Glucometer, improved swim tracking may get featured in the Watch Series 7.

Apple is also prepping up for its WWDC 2021, to be held in June. We can expect Apple to give us some hints about its upcoming launches.

So, let’s now focus on some more information about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications known so far

1. Design And Build

  • Earlier, we did not have a clear picture of the design of the upcoming Apple Watch. But, according to a well-known Apple analyst and leaker, Jon Prosser, he gave us a first look at the new Apple Watch Series 7 in a video published on his YouTube channel.
  • From the visuals, we can see that the Apple Watch now has a flat display. The overall form-factor remains the same, but the edges are now flattened instead of curved.
  • Jon Prosser also suggests that the bezels on the screen may get even smaller in the final iterations of the product. The image also hints at a new colour variant, a mint green shade.

2. Blood Glucose Monitoring feature

  • Speaking about some additions in the health tracking department, the upcoming Watch 7 will come with a Glucometer, more specifically, a blood glucose monitoring feature.
  • Apple conducted a survey to know whether people used apps to monitor their blood sugar levels. We can likely expect this feature to be included in the Apple Watch Series 7.

3. A new sensor for measuring blood glucose

  • According to an SEC filing by a start-up company called Rockley Photonics, it strongly hints at the inclusion of the above-mentioned feature.
  • Rockley Photonics is a company that designs sensors for measuring blood sugar. The sensors make use of infrared light for the same. The sensor is also capable of sensing alcohol levels in the blood, other than measuring blood sugar.
  • If the above info goes true, we can expect both the Glucometer and alcohol level sensors to be equipped in the coming Apple Watch.

4. Advanced Swim Tracking and a rugged edition

  • Some reports also indicate that the upcoming Apple Watch will now have a more advanced swim tracking feature. Also, a rugged version of the Watch is in the making.

5. A new sensor for authentication

  • A recent patent filed by Apple refers to the addition of a light sensor on the back of the Watch. The light would shine onto the user’s wrist, generating a field image of the portion of the wrist.
  • The generated image would contain veins, which can serve as a unique ID for unlocking the watch and authentication purposes.

6. Micro-LED Display

  • The new Apple Watch 7 is also expected to have a micro-LED display. The same feature was expected to come in Apple Watch Series 6, but it didn’t. So, this time around, we can likely expect it.

7. Battery Improvement

  • Another upgrade on the Apple Watch 7 would be in terms of battery. A patent reveals that the upcoming Watch might have a significant battery upgrade.
  • The patent also indicates that the battery would be housed inside the strap. This will surely bump up the battery capacity in the upcoming Apple Watch.
  • A very important health tracking feature, the blood pressure monitoring system, is also expected in the upcoming Apple Watch 7.
  • Apple Watch’s rival Samsung Galaxy Watch already has this feature, but the one expected on the Apple Watch is supposed to be more precise and accurate.

8. Addition of Touch-ID

  • What’s more on the list is a Touch-ID based fingerprint scanner. Some of the rumours also suggest that the Watch will have an in-display fingerprint scanner which would hide when not in use.
  • Some patents also suggest that the battery would act as a haptic engine. Insane! It would be interesting if it arrives.
  • Lastly, a patent also suggests that the Digital Crown will have a sensor attached. This sensor will get more accurate readings about heart rate.
Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7: Launch info

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive in September. This is the month when Apple usually launches its new products regarding its iPhone series and Apple Watch Series.

Apple Watch Series 7: Indian pricing details

There are no hints available as of now for the pricing of the Apple Watch Series 7. But, keeping in mind the past trend of pricing and the supposed addition of new features, the expected price could be very well between Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 50,000.

As usual, the Apple Watch will have two models GPS and Cellular, respectively.

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This article was brief info about the features of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. We summed up all the leaks and rumours to provide you all with useful information about the upcoming Apple Watch.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Post your suggestions and queries in the comment box below.

Till then, stay at home and stay safe.


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