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Top 7 Best Web Hosting

best web hosting

Hey, finally developed a new website! But confused about which web hosting to choose. Looking for faster, reliable and secure web hosting for your website.

Don’t worry! We’ll help you solve your problem. But first of all,

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of maintaining and serving a website over the internet.  For your website to be seen on the internet, space is allocated on the web server which stores your website’s file and data. A service provider provides you with the web space required by your website. So, BlueHost, HostGator, GreenGeeks, etc., are some examples of service providers.

Why is Web Hosting Important?

A few years ago, not many businesses had their website. So, what is the need to learn about Top 7 best web hostings? Let’s understand the concept with an example.

Well, the online part of any business was not their primary goal after all. Word of mouth and other forms of advertising took them far enough. However, that time is long gone now. In 2021, if you want to run a successful business, you need a website. Getting Web hosting is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Consider this- You own a hotel in a tourist destination. A few years back, nobody had an advanced booking in place, so you easily got customers. With time, people started pre-booking their stays, and you were the only one left behind, with a minimal amount of customers. 

How could you change this situation, and be at par with all other successful businesses? Simply get a website and web hosting. Your business goes online, and travellers can now pre-book their stays at your hotel too.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to create a website first. Well, that you can do at a lot of places. 

After that, you need web hosting.

Features which describe the best web hosting service:

Choosing the best web hosting service is a difficult task as there are several factors you need to take into account. If you are too quick in judging, you might miss out on something which you may repent about in the future. But, don’t worry. We are here to clear all your doubts of all sorts. So take a chill pill and relax.

We brought you everything you need to know, about what to look for in the best web hosting service at your fingertips. With these factors, you can analyze and decide which option is the best for you.

1. Reliable Uptime

A website’s uptime is the most important and basic thing which everyone should consider as a priority. A down website is of no use, to you and your customers. And, obviously who would not like their website running 24/7.

But, luckily in 2021, reliable uptime is not a major issue, because most web hosting providers provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee. A 99.99 % uptime means that your website going down is a rare chance.

In case, if it happens you can get compensation by contacting your web host provider. To keep everything in check, you can also use a tracking tool, which will regularly check your website is running smoothly or not.

2. Faster is better

As you all know, speed is a very important thing in life except while driving! A website’s loading speed comes out to be very crucial while searching for a web hosting service. If your page is slow in loading, your website will have a high bounce rate and all your efforts would come out to be useless.

So, to keep up the reputation of your website and to maintain its response rate you need a web host provider which will promise to deliver you optimal website loading speed. A website’s loading speed is something that you cannot judge by simply looking at the numbers. You need to try and test out the particular services for this.

However, you can optimize the speed by using free tools and optimized practices. Even if you are tight on budget, you will still get reasonable speeds. But, as you pay, so you get. A higher price you pay will get you a faster loading webpage.

3. Customer Support

Great customer support will get you back in untoward circumstances. For beginners, it would be a helping hand, since you are prone to making mistakes in the beginning. If your site is down, every second will cost you your money. A good customer support team will resolve all your issues in no time and at priority.

Even if it’s a major mistake, which resulted in some type of data loss, most of the customer support will have a backup of your precious data and you can get your site running again. A customer service team that has live chat support and call support is the most suitable and best method for resolving any issues.

Emails just don’t provide you with instant and elaborate solutions for your issues, making things worse. So, these were some of the main factors which you should definitely consider wisely and promptly while choosing a web hosting platform.

Best web hosting service in 2021


#1. Bluehost: Overall Best Performer

Bluehost is the best-recommended web hosting available in the market at a reasonably awesome price of just Rs. 200 per month, it is the choice of many. Not just the price, it is extremely reliable, versatile and secure. It is the best overall package, with all the features you need. Know more


#2. Hostgator: Industry-leading and feature-rich

When it comes to a serious web hosting service, Hostgator is the best one. With exclusive discount offers, it never misses delighting its users. Additionally, you get free domain names, an SSL certificate and marketing money which is a cherry on top at a low price of just Rs. 99/m with shared hosting. Know more


#3. GreenGeeks: Fast and Eco-friendly

It provides great speed, better security and much needed technical support. While delivering so much, it also takes care of nature with its eco-friendly approach. With a starting plan of just $2.95/month, it is a web hosting platform that is built to perform (Prices may differ for different plans).  Know more

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Top 7 Best Web Hosting

Finding the best web hosting for your website is not an easy task either. With a plethora of options available, it can get very confusing as to which web-hosting suits your demands.

Are you unhappy with the features of your current web hoster? Why not upgrade to a new one! Check out our article How to transfer web hosting from one company to another? for further details.

Here are the Best 5 Web Hostings listed down for you.

01.) Bluehost Web Hosting


Bluehost is the best website hosting in the world right now. It has all the features one looks for in web hosting, at a decently affordable price.

Key Highlights

  • 99.96% uptime guarantee
  • One-click install for WordPress
  • Free domain
  • Easy to use

Bluehost is one of the veterans in the game and hosts more than 30,00,000 websites today. They offer Shared, VPS, Dedicated and WordPress Hosting. One can choose the plans according to their needs and demands.

Other Features

In Bluehost, you do not need to toggle the main control panel for setting up and managing a website. You get a combination of cPanel and a custom dashboard which eases your task.

  • It allows you to install WordPress and add domains. Also, from the native interface, you can set up performance and security settings.
  • You also get a WordPress staging tool, which is a quite rare feature in the shared hosting space.
  • BlueHost’s integrated cPanel provides you with advanced functions. It is now more optimized and has a refreshing new look than the stock version.

Overall, BlueHost has quite a reputation due to its wide user base. For beginners, it is a much-recommended option.


bluehost performance

It is interesting to see that, without any promises from BlueHost, it still manages to maintain a 99.9% uptime. The average response time is well above 350ms, which is quite decent.

Being a shared server, you can’t expect unbelievable results but, the performance isn’t terrible at all.

BlueHost offers great reliability and speed considering its price. And cheap plans will help you till low to medium traffic spikes, due to server constraints.

Price and Plans:

Bluehost offers a wide range of plans for its users. We’re sure that you’ll find at least one that suits your needs. Here are the plans:

bluehost price list

Bluehost definitely lives up to its reputation, as we can see by the above data. The company has a wide range of plans suitable for everyone, whether you are a new blogger or a multi-million dollar company. Bluehost offers three easy plans:

#1. Basic – It starts at Rs. 175 per month. It is a beginners plan. This plan is ideal for small blogs and sites. You get one website, a free SSL certificate and a free domain for one year. E-mail marketing tools, free staging environment are some of the added perks.

#2. Plus – It starts at Rs. 279 per month. A step up from the basic plan, it is recommended for small businesses and start-ups. Unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited databases and many more features are offered in this plan.

#3. Choice Plus – This top-tier plan starts at Rs. 279 per month. Useful for established businesses and blogs. It will help you in growing your business further. Being a higher version you get all the bells and whistles including free site migration, free domain privacy and free website backup.

Reasons to Buy

  • Low introductory pricing
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee on web hosting cost
  • One free WordPress site transfer

Reasons to Avoid

  • The cheapest plan has a lot of restrictions
  • Renewal rates are high
  • Uptime has been criticised in the past
For more detailed review, read: Bluehost Web Hosting

02.) Hostgator Web Hosting


Hostgator is another industry leader in the web hosting sector. They are known to deliver a feature-rich experience to their users.

Key Highlights

  • Automatic site transfer provided by staff
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free Website Migration

Hostgator is a no-nonsense web hosting provider. You get what you pay for, and if you decide on sticking with them for the long run, you will enjoy their highly discounted rates.

Other Features:

HostGator is a cheap and simple web hosting option for new users and beginners.

  • It provides you with cPanel support and a free website builder, which will help you in managing and building a website.
  • The plans offered by HostGator are appropriately equipped with all the resources and essential features so that you don’t need to spend extra on add-ons and plug-ins.
  • Its interface is nice and has shortcuts to cPanel, WordPress installation, emails and many more.

Overall, HostGator has a user-friendly interface and good support of resources to help you ace the game.



HostGator is an affordable option with great performance results. It has an impressive uptime of 99.99% with fast response times, and it has the ability to handle traffic calmly.

Talking about response time, it clocks at around 525 ms. Comparing it with the industry standards, which is 600 ms, it is quite impressive. Even when there is some amount of traffic, you will not notice a dip in the speed and response time of the server.

So, it is the reason for its popularity. You get good performance at a very affordable price.

Price and Plans:

Hostgator provides a variety of plans for all types of users:

hostgator price

Hostgator continuously rolls out new features for its users. They also offer five hosting tiers– Shared, Dedicated, Cloud, VPS and WordPress. HostGator offers four different hosting plans, for every type:

#1. Shared Hosting – The plan starts at Rs.99 per month. It is an affordable plan for hosting low traffic websites. Unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email and Indian Server locations are offered in this plan.

#2. WordPress Hosting – This plan starts at Rs.249 per month. It provides a hosting service for WordPress powered sites and blogs. It offers 2X speed with high performance and Indian server locations.

#3. Cloud Hosting – This plan starts at Rs. 479 per month. This plan is good for growing your websites. This plan is also 2X faster and 4X scalable. You get statistics dashboard and Indian server locations.

#4. VPS Hosting – This plan starts at Rs.1199 per month. It is beneficial for high traffic websites. Full root access and high-speed SSD storage is supported in this plan. You get free website migration with near-instant provisioning.

  • Great Uptime record
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Charges for the actual backup
  • PCI incompliant
For more detailed review, read: HostGator Web Hosting Service: A Detailed Guide

03.) Green Geeks


With an experience of over 10 years, Green Geeks is an eco-friendly web hosting service.

Key Highlights

  • 99.95% uptime
  • 500ms fast load time
  • Free domain
  • Strong performance

If you’re looking for an environment friendly web hosting service, Green Geeks is an interesting choice. Green geeks utilize wind energy to power their platform. Also, they’re a Green Power Partner with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Other Features:

Being one of the most popular web-hosting providers, it has many advanced features which will grab your attention.

  • It has a free website builder with hundreds of templates, to give a magic touch to your website.
  • Drag and drop functionality makes it very easy to use and you don’t need to worry about the coding and all that stuff.
  • It is very user-friendly, doesn’t matter if you are a novice or experienced developer. You also get cPanel support.



GreenGeeks performance is quite good and satisfactory. It is able to achieve an uptime of 99.9% with an average response time of 527 ms. The stats are quite promising and it will definitely handle the traffic spikes with ease.

It also provides many other performance features like Hardware & Power redundancy, proactive server monitoring, container-based technology and much more.

Price and Plans:

Green Geeks has some pretty standard pricing and plans. But you can save some money by applying their promo code 10YEARSGREEN (*T&C).

greengeeks price list

It has Secure VFS, which ensures the security of account and protection against malware. They also have a strong network of centres situated in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. GreenGeeks offers four different hosting plans:

#1. WordPress Hosting – It starts at $2.49 per month. It is a WordPress hosting plan which will provide your website with security, expert support and greater speeds.

#2. WooCommerce hosting – It starts at $2.49 per month. You can start your e-commerce platform with WordPress by this hosting service.

#3. Reseller web hosting – It starts at $29.95 per month. It allows you to manage multiple hosting accounts on their platform.

#4. Virtual Private Servers – It starts at $39.95 per month. This plan provides you with a fast SSD based VPS hosting service for your website.

  • Eco-friendly
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Cost-effective
  • High renewal rates
  • Setup fee is non-returnable (15%)
  • No 24/7 support
For more detailed review, read: Green Geeks Review: Eco-Friendly Yet Stellar In Web Hosting

04.) Dream Host


Dream Host is one of the most popular web hosting services around the world. It manages over 1.5 million sites worldwide and it is much recommended for WordPress hosting.

Key Highlights

  • 100% uptime
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • WordPress Firewall

Its VPS Basic plan provides you with two virtual servers. This in turn increases the speed, performance and scalability of the website. Several other features like multiple caching layers and auto-scaled memory also add to a greater speed.

Other Features:

DreamHost is a built for WordPress web hosting provider. Its plans have loads of useful features for easy WordPress management.

  • You get to see their own custom control panel. It is quite a functional one with modern looks and interface.
  • Another surprising feature is that DreamHost has a one-click WordPress installation process.
  • One of its notable features is its migration plugin. With this, you can easily migrate your WordPress site to DreamHost. It is a completely automatic process, so you need not figure out any technicalities.
  • Along with that, you also get a premium feature called BoldGrid website builder. It helps you in designing your website on WordPress.
  • With a wide range of modern templates and additional tools, you can design really attractive web pages.


In terms of performance, DreamHost is one of the top web hosting providers among the competition. The test results are very close to its guaranteed 100% uptime mark and it can really handle a big traffic bump.

It has delivered a 99.99% uptime, which is not what t guarantees, but you cannot be disappointed with this result. The average response time is clocked at around 231 ms, which is acceptable and it is quite stable.

A point to note since it has its servers situated in the US, there can be some latency in the performance in other regions. But you can definitely expect it to remain stable even under high traffic.

DreamHost’s performance is quite ideal, it is fast, reliable and powerful.

Price and Plans:

The basic starter plan is priced just at $2.59 per month.

Dreamhost price list

Customers who opt for the DreamPress plan, get some practical features like built-in server caching and a static IP. This plan is specifically designed for WordPress hosting. Dreamhost offers six different hosting plans:

#1. WordPress Hosting – Starts at $2.59 per month. It is a WordPress hosting plan, optimized for great performance and easy maintenance.

#2. Website Hosting – Starts at $2.59 per month. It is a shared hosting service with a free domain, SSD storage email hosting service.

#3. VPS Hosting – Starts at $10.00 per month. VPS hosting plan with ultra-fast SSD storage and flexibility with HTTP/2, Ubuntu, and many more.

#4. WP Website Builder – Starts at $2.59 per month. It is a WordPress site building tool.

#5. Dedicated Hosting – Starts at $169 per month. Dedicated hosting service with fast servers and 100% uptime guarantee.

#6. Cloud Hosting – Starts at $0.0075 per hour. A cloud hosting service with fast SSD servers with root access and open APIs.

  • Month to month plan
  • Unlimited data storage
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Slow load time of 1320ms
  • Does not offer cPanel
  • No call support
For more detailed review, read: Dream Host Web Hosting

05.) Inmotion


InMotion web hosting provides one of the cheapest WordPress hosting management at $4.99 per month. Certified by Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating, it is the hosting service you can trust.

Key Highlights

  • Best recommended for WordPress hosting 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Many security features
  • Flexible plans

InMotion has many things to offer in-store like shared, dedicated, reseller, VPS, cPanel and WordPress hosting. It also has several tools which help in selling online.

Other Features:

InMotion is the perfect web hosting service for large websites and businesses.

  • It uses a classic cPanel, for hosting management, which only a few other services provide these days.
  • InMotion also has a series of free extra features which include BoldGrid (WordPress site builder), visitor statistics, advertising credits and themes.
  • You get some additions in the security department also. All the plans get a free SSL certificate, DDoS protection and hack protection.


In the performance department, InMotion has proved itself as a potent competitor. It has a very reliable uptime of 99.98%, with an average response time of 759 ms.

All in all, the results are quite satisfactory. One thing that bothered me, was the lack of servers outside the US. This may result in reduced performance in some areas.

I have a mixed feeling about InMotion- it is reliable and powerful, but there is room for improvement on speed.

Price and Plans:

The shared plan starts at $4.99 per month. It is a WordPress hosting plan which provides 40Gb of SSD storage, up to 20,000 monthly visitors, one website and unlimited emails.

inmotion price list

InMotion is very well known for its managed security, managed updates and speed optimization. All in all, InMotion is the best hosting for WordPress site at a very reasonable price. InMotion has four plans just like HostGator, made for different types of hosting:

#1. Shared Hosting – It starts at $5.99 per month. This plan cost-friendly, fast and reliable for small businesses.

#2. WordPress hosting – It starts at $6.99 per month. It is a WordPress enhanced hosting service with great value.

#3. VPS Hosting – It starts at $31.99 per month. This plan is meant for high traffic sites, large businesses and resellers.

#4. Dedicated Hosting – It starts at $99.99 per month. It is a plan designed for large websites, IT groups and organizations.

  • No bandwidth limitation
  • Good support
  • Easy to use
  • Low uptime
  • No free backups
  • Misses on some advanced features
For more detailed review, read: Inmotion Web Hosting

06.) Name Cheap


Founded in the year 2000, NameCheap has expanded its reach to over 10 million domains. It provides WordPress hosting at $2.88 per month, even cheaper than InMotion.

Key Highlights

  • 24/7 support
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free backups
  • Free Website migration

NameCheap has many things to offer like domain registration and numerous hosting services like, shared, reseller, dedicated, VPS and WordPress hosting.

Other Features:

NameCheap is best known for domain but they also provide cheap web hosting services.

  • The Hosting management has a lot of features like cPanel integration and CMS support.
  • You get support for file and database management which makes data handling easy.
  • It provides you with one-click installation options for CMS tools.
  • The cPanel integration lets the user access the additional web hosting management features all in one place.



 With an uptime of 99.99%, it does not really disappoint its customers. Moreover, it has a server response time of 417 ms which is also pleasing.

You get unlimited bandwidth support so you need not worry about storage hassles. It supports Linux, Windows and macOS powered servers.  Namecheap performs with respect to its name, offering great performance at a cheap price.

Price and Plans:

EasyWP, a WordPress hosting plan is a superfast way to set up a WordPress site. The EasyWP plan starts at $3.88 per month.

However, its shared web hosting plan is slightly expensive than other services on the list. NameCheap offers six different hosting plans:

#1. EasyWP It is a free trial version for managed WordPress hosting.

#2. EasyWP Starter It starts at $3.88 per month. It is a step-up from the free version of the managed WordPress hosting. It has some added perks and features.

#3. Starter email It starts at $1.10 per year. This is a professional email hosting plan.

#4. Stellar & Stellar Plus It starts at $1.18 per month. It is a shared hosting plan from NameCheap.

#5. Pro Email It starts at $23.71 per year. It is an upgrade from the starter email hosting plan.

#6. All PlansIt starts at $6.88 per month. It is a VPS hosting plan.

  • Pricing
  • Free domain name and migration
  • Strong security features
  • Fairly poor uptime
  • Slow loading time
  • Low timeframe for money back policy
For more detailed review, read: NameCheap web hosting

07.) Nexcess


Nexcess is the best-managed WordPress hosting service, you can get right now. It currently caters to over 500,000 websites and also provides hosting for e-commerce sites.

Key Highlights

  • Daily backups
  • Advanced caching
  • Always on security monitoring
  • 24/7 customer support round the year

Nexcess is one of the greatest options for e-commerce sites. Also, it provides free WordPress hosting migration across all plans.

Other Features:

Nexcess is an interesting web hosting service with flexible cloud and enterprise hosting service.

  • It is a no-fancy hosting service and has mostly a stock WordPress experience.
  • It provides you with daily backups, which are stored for 30 days each. If any mishap happens, you can surely recover your data.
  • Autoscaling Feature- This feature protects your site from lagging. When there is a huge spike in traffic all at once, more resources are allocated for your website, at no extra cost.
  • You get support for multiple user accounts so that other people can access your hosting account. This feature is useful when you work in a team, and all the team members need access.


Nexcess offers a reasonable performance with eight data centres all over the world. It provides a consistent 100% uptime with an average response time of 395 ms.

Not too bad, but could be better. The load time is averaged well under 2 seconds, but with the increase in traffic, it tends to get slower.

On the software front, the servers run on NGINX which is a plus point. Overall, Nexcess is a good performer with a 100% uptime.

Price and Plans:

Even the basic plan provides you with a free SSL certificate, 2TB bandwidth, PHP7 compatibility and automatic image compression.

nexcess price

The hosting plans in Nexcess provide many plugins like WP Merge, Visual Compare, Qubely Pro, Tiny PNG and iThemes Security Pro. It offers four different plans:

#1. Free trial version It is a free trial version for 14 days. It doesn’t ask for credit card details and offers free migrations with free trials of all their plans. It makes WordPress stores run incredibly fast with ease.

#2. Magento It starts at $49 per month. It is an eCommerce hosting plan with expert Magento support. It allows free site migration, 1 click auto install with automatic daily backup systems.

#3. WordPress It starts at $19 per month. It is built for WordPress hosting which will build, optimize and grow your website. Automatic Core WordPress updates, automatic plugin updates and automatic scalability are featured in this plan.

#4. WooCommerce It starts at $19 per month. It is affordable, offers great performance and is easy to scale eCommerce hosting plan. You get a free plan based plugin bundle, end-to-end store management and traffic based auto-scaling.

  • High uptime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Stable and fast
  • No live chat support
  • Limited bandwidth
  • No cPanel support
For more detailed review, read: Nexcess Web Hosting


Let’s have a quick comparison of all the above listed web hosting services.

Hope, You must have got a fair idea about various features of the web hosting services from the above table.

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Conclusion: choosing the best!

Well above was a list of the 7 best web hosting services, which you can count on. They are popularly known, reliable, tried and tested by many users. Moreover, they will surely help your website run faster, smoother and securely.

According to our tests and their results, Daily Tech Suggest recommends BlueHost for an overall experience. It is a fast, robust and secure platform, which also has various useful features.

However, one can get their perfect web hostings by listing down their requirements and choosing accordingly. 

Our top recap-

#1. Bluehost – Bluehost is the overall best performer. read more…
#2. Hostgator – Go where the pros host. read more…
#3. GreenGeeks – Fast, secure and eco-friendly. read more…
#4. Dream Host – Imagine the web your way. read more…
#5. Inmotion – Fast, reliable, affordable. read more…
#6. Name Cheap – Hosting plus domain plus SSL. read more…
#7. Nexcess – A liquid web brand. read more…

Therefore at Daily Tech Suggest, we make your job easier by sorting out all the technical stuff and giving you the best recommendations.

Hope You like it, Stay Safe and Stay at Home.

Thank You!!!

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