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Top 5 Best Applications for Laptops

best Applications for laptops

There are lots of people these days looking for work at home opportunities, that is why we bring to you Top 5 best applications to ease up your work from home life.

Luckily it is possible to find legitimate work at home jobs and has led to many people buying laptops. Recently, we compiled a list of the Top 10 best laptops for working from home . Our buying advice and product recommendations will help you to find the best laptops for your work. But what to do after you get your new laptop? You will need a host of applications to get your work done.

Well ,you don’t need to worry, because we are compiling a list of best apps for working from home that you should definitely have on your laptop.

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Top 5 Best Applications for Laptops

Here are top 5 helpful applications for laptops which you can consider while working from home.

01. Open Office

The biggest issue with Microsoft Office is it being a paid software. 

Very few laptops come with a Microsoft Office subscription, and that too expires in a year. You can always use the completely free web version. But in case you’re like me, who doesn’t like the feel of working on the web, OpenOffice is the software for you.

OpenOffice is one of the most popular FOs (Free Offices suite), which competes with MS Office. It is open-source software, which was developed by volunteers. Maintenance is also done regularly, so security is not an issue. 

OpenOffice offers you almost all the applications that MS Office does. There’s Text Document as a replacement for Word, Spreadsheet for Excel, Presentation for PowerPoint, among other applications. Of course, not all of them make the cut, but there are enough to get your work done.

OpenOffice also supports many file formats, including MS Office files. So, even if your colleague uses MS Office, it should not be a problem.

It is a boon for low budget laptops as it is very light compared to MS Office.

Is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, so cross-platform is not an issue. 


  • People who mainly work on MS Office would find it lacking in terms of features and convenience.
  • All your problems are solved by a community, rather than a proper support staff.

But for a free application, OpenOffice outperforms itself. It is easy and reliable, and one you should surely install on your laptop.

02. Send Anywhere

How do you transfer files from your phone to say, your laptop? Or from one laptop to another? Well, if you’re answer is either via a USB cable or through cloud storage, Send Anywhere is the app you need.

Send Anywhere is a cross-platform sharing application that allows you to share files on all your devices from anywhere in the world. 

The transfer process is also simple. You get a six-digit key, which you need to enter into the receiving device. It gets even more simpler if your receiving device is a phone, because in that case, you only need to scan a QR code.

An option to upgrade to Sendy Pro is also available, which has more features like cloud storage, folder management, and the option to comment on links or files. 

Free of cost

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and all other major platforms.

Transfer process is kept simple with no complicated steps. 


  • User may encounter a number of advertisements.

Easily one of the best apps for working from home, Send Anywhere is a must-have on your laptop.

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03. Grammarly

Grammarly is a highly underrated app that a lot of professionals ignore. It is believed that Grammarly is to be used by just writers, editors, and other people in the literature field. But, everyone writes e-mails and letters to communicate on a daily basis. 

Grammarly is like any other word processing application. Once you start writing, you get tools like Readability score, Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery to judge your work. You can also upgrade to the Premium version to get all the suggestions.

You get all your writings on the home page, sorted by time.

Grammarly gives suggestions to correct the most basic grammatical errors and highlights the more advanced ones.

Available in premium version with more features.  


  • While Grammarly does offer a Chrome extension, we’d recommend downloading and using the application. The chrome extension does not show all the grammatical errors in your text, which kills the purpose. 
  • Formatting options aren’t plenty, but there are enough for all the necessary text forms. The Editor also keeps saving your work in the background, making sure you never lose your progress.

A grammatical error can quickly ruin a good e-mail or application. Ensure you do not fall prey to that and use Grammarly- one of the best apps for working from home. 

04. Anydesk

A well-known application in the IT field, Anydesk is also useful for everyday users. The best apps for working from home list would be incomplete without Anydesk. 

Anydesk is a remote-access application for your desktops, meaning you can access and control another computer via your own. 

So, how is it useful for everyday users you may ask? Well, Anydesk’s primary goal is troubleshooting, which you’ll do a lot in new laptops. 

Work from home means you do not have your colleagues to help solve problems that may occur with your files or desktop. In such cases, you need a remote-access desktop software to communicate and troubleshoot issues you may face. It also makes working together a breeze, even though you are miles apart.

Anydesk also works on all platforms, from Windows and Mac to even Raspberry Pi and FreeBSD.

Anydesk uses military-grade TLS technology to ensure your devices are protected at all times.

Troubleshooting made easy, doable from home. 


  • A data breach is also a minute possibility

Suppose your work demands you to collaborate with your colleagues continually. In that case, Anydesk is a must-have application on your computer.

05. TickTick

While some people love working from home, others have a hard time disciplining themselves. So, it is better if they organise their work, and get constant reminders for their deadlines. 

TickTick does just that. Hands down, it has been one of the best apps for working from home for its practical usage.The number of features offered is also plenty, like voice input, turning e-mails into tasks, smart date parsing, among others. One unique feature is the Pomodoro timer, in which you can set a 25-minute session to complete your task. 

The app is available on almost all the platforms you can think of. So, multi-device integration is smooth and quick.

Third-party calendars integration is also available, which brings all your tasks and notifications into one single app. 

TickTick is easy to use with a clean and straightforward UI. 


  • If you dismiss it, it can kinda gets lost in the UI.
  • Clicking on things may generate a “Upgrade” pop up that can be annoying, however, is relatively cheap to upgrade.

All in all, TickTick is a good productivity booster app that should get your jobs done and hence we have added it to our list of top 5 best applications for laptops. 

Work From Home Applications


So these were the top 5 applications that you can have on your laptops especially while working from home.

Working from home is going to be an integral part of our lives from here on. And thus, we will need to spend a lot of time with our computers. And the kind of apps you use dictate our productivity. So, get those and be your most productive self.

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