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Tata Sky Broadband Wi-Fi Router

tata-Sky broadband

Tata Sky has called a new offer for its broadband customers. The company is providing a free Wi-Fi router with its internet plans. It is a dual-band Wi-Fi router where it is offering 300Mbps speed .This is the highest speed that the company is providing.

The internet service provider Tata sky offers 5 different packs to users that range between 50Mbps to 300Mbps. The company is providing 99.9% uptime via its internet service with a fair usages policy(FUP) limit 0f 3.3TB. You also get a data rollover facilities and flexibility of plan whenever they wanted to. Tata sky also claims that its broadband network is very secure, users also get a free landline connection with their plan.


  • Tata sky is providing free Wi-Fi router with its internet plans
  • Plans are available in 5 different packs
  • The offer comes with a free landline connection
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Tata Sky Broadband plans

As mentioned above, there are five plans that Tata Sky broadband offers to its users at the bit.

  • At Rs 2097(exclusive of GST) users can get the 50Mbps plan for a minimum of 3 months, this plan is not available for one month.  
  • 100Mbps plan available for a month at Rs 950
  • There is the 150Mbps plan which is available for a monthly charge of Rs 1,050
  • For Rs 1,150 there is the 200Mbps plan is available for a month.
  • The 300Mbps plan is available for a month at Rs 1600

All the prices are exclusive of GST and are available in long-term validity options.

The company aims to create a proactively monitored network that allows us to experience an ultimate video experience & service beyond web

Tata Sky vs JioFiber vs Airtel which one is better?

But how does Tata Sky fare against its competition? For that, we’ll have to compare it with JioFiber and Airtel.

Tata Sky 300Mbps broadband plan

The 300Mbps speed with 500GB data per month plan by Tata Sky offers both limited and unlimited data under this plan, but the internet speed reduces after consuming 3TB data. The unlimited data variant is priced at Rs 1,900 per month, and the limited data plan is priced at Rs 1,470 per month with a FUP of 500GB data per month.

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JioFiber Diamond broadband plan

Under its Diamond plan, Jio offers better speeds and more data to its consumers, that too at a lower price. The company offers its customers truly unlimited data at speeds of up to 300Mbps at Rs 1,499. Access to 12 OTT apps, including Disney+Hotstar, Altbalaji, Zee5, and more are also provided alongside the data.

Airtel 300Mbps broadband plan

Airtel offers customers a broadband plan of 500GB of FUP, and a data speed of up to 300Mbps at Rs 1,499. Along with this plan, they provide their customers with a complimentary Amazon Prime and an Airtel Xstream subscription.

Consumers can also pay Rs 299 extra to bump up the plan to offer unlimited data. This is not truly unlimited data, and you will only get a FUP amount worth 3TB data per month.

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From the three broadband plans, Jio must be hoping to counter the customers with cheaper and unlimited data. Undoubtedly this will boost its customer base in the broadband sector.

Jio Fiber enables gaming, First Day Shows, etc., for which we will definitely talk about in our other articles. JioFiber broadband services are available in more than 200 cities and are in the process of adding more.

If you are very much inclined towards quality service and want to experience a high-speed internet connection at a low price, you can opt for JioFiber. 

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