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Samsung WF8800 Front Load Washer with AI-powered Smart Dial

Samsung Washing Machine featured Image

Samsung unveiled its brand new 8800 series front-load washer and dryer duo at CES 2021 with AI technology. This innovation now promises to deliver you an easier and stress-free washing experience. 

According to Samsung, they have brought up something really exciting for its consumers.

Key Highlights:

  • Optiwash
  • AI-powered Smart Dial
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Multi Control
  • Auto Dispense System
  • Clean Guard
  • Vibration Reduction Technology

Samsung WF8800 Front Load Washer with AI-powered Smart Dial: Make Your Laundry Experience Less Stressful

First of all, the washing machine is loaded with AI capabilities. It makes the machine much smarter and more efficient. 

Featuring a Smart Dial that recommends your preferred wash cycle according to your washing habits and senses the amount of dirt in your clothes to apply the appropriate mode to wash your clothes with utmost cleanliness

The machine can also dispense the right amount of detergent as per the needs and automatically adjust the wash cycle

It also features super speed washing and drying cycles, which will get your clothes cleaned and dried in just an hour, as claimed by Samsung.

Bonus: This model offers a washer and dryer that can be stacked. The washer’s control panel can control the dryer by using a single cable accessory.

Seems to be more promising and less time consuming, as compared to other washing machines.


The new Samsung WF8800 series is a 5.0 cu. Ft. capacity smart washing machine with AI technology. Disguised by a brushed black matte finish, it gives you a premium feel and looks. Not only that, but the chrome door garnish also adds to its elegance. Its intelligently placed dial and control panel feels sophisticated, yet it is very easy to use.

Looks premium, feels premium, so, well, does it perform premium! We will get to know this in a moment.

These are some pretty unique features for a washing machine.

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Features NameDescription
This feature automatically senses the amount of soil or dirt present in the clothes during the wash cycle. Accordingly, it senses and adds more time or detergent required to continue washing. Ultimately resulting in optimally clean clothes. It goes through a series of steps to learn how much dirt is present:

Firstly – Wash load sensing
Secondly – Water level sensing
Thirdly – Soil level Sensing
Fourthly – detergent level sensing
AI-Powered Smart Dial
This smart dial automatically recommends the best mode for washing your clothes according to your washing habits. This can also be used to operate the dryer when the dryer unit is stacked.
Wifi Connectivity
It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to control the washing machine from your phone. You can start/ stop and receive alerts when the washing cycle is complete. It connects to your smartphone with the SmartThings App.
Multi Control
Worried about how to reach the dryer’s control when stacked, guess what you can control it right from your washer’s controller. Interestingly, it uses one cable connector to connect both the units, which allows the washer to access control over the dryer.
Auto-Dispence System
The detergent drawer comes with two separate compartments for detergent and fabric softener. You can store up to 20 loads of it. It automatically senses and dispenses the right amount of detergent required every time for a perfect wash. When the detergent runs out, it sends you a notification, which is a cool feature when you are busy around your household.
Clean Gaurd
The high-touch areas of the machine come treated with anti-microbial technology to ensure the washing machine’s overall cleanliness and help it smell fresh. Major areas include the knob, control panel, detergent drawer, front door and diaphragm.
Vibration Reduction Technology
With this technology, the machine delivers reduced noise and vibration for a quiet washing experience. Get rid of irritating noise from your washer.

Features in Details of the Samsung WF8800

Overall, the above features are pretty awesome and yet very practical. It helps in ensuring good quality washing with greater speed and less time. Moreover, the smartphone connectivity feature allows you to not worry about the completion of the washing cycle.

Being a 5.0 cu. Ft. capacity washing machine takes every capacity load at ease and cleanses them in no time.

1. Stream Wash

Worried about stubborn dirt and heavily stained clothes, this machine will make it vanish with the power of steam. Without any pre-soaking and rubbing, the clothes get cleaned with maximum saturation and enhanced deep cleaning. For steam washing, the washing machine is equipped with an internal water heater.

2. Swirl+ drum design

The machine’s stainless-steel drum comes with a unique Swirl+ pattern which ensures more water extraction at the time of rinsing and prevents fabrics from running over each other. This also helps in retaining fabric’s texture and reduces its wear due to rubbing with each other.

3. Self-Clean+

The washing machine also has one handier feature, Self-Clean+. This notifies you every 40 wash cycles for cleaning time.

4. Standard features

In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, this machine also supports Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which will help you with voice assistance.

The washing machine has a direct drive motor-driven drum which ensures greater speed and stability while maintaining the noise levels.

5. Control Panel and Display

The control panel comes with a rotary knob and digital display. The control panel also supports integrated control for the dryer. The display is a mono LCD + LED display with white display colour. 

This ensures information visibility at all times, be it day or night.

6. Wash Options

The Samsung WF8800 machine is loaded with different options. Be it any fabric or any level of dirt, this washing machine has every mode and setting to overcome any circumstances.

  • Extra Rinse : This feature allows you to rinse your heavily soaked clothes more prominently.
  • Super Speed : When enabled, this mode allows you to wash your clothes in 28 minutes completely.
  • Smart Control : This allows you to control your washing machine through your smartphone.
  • Pre Soak : When the machine senses high levels of soil, it pre-soaks the clothes for some time to loosen the stains and reduce the washing time and energy.
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Wash Cycle

The new Samsung WF8800 washing machine comes with a whopping 25 wash modes for a customisable washing experience. Every piece of clothing is made from different materials and dyes. Each requires different techniques to wash and dry. These modes will thereby help you wash every type of clothes easily.

Features Name
Eco Cold WashUse fewer detergents and cold water to minimise the consumption of resources.
NormalA basic model to wash your clothes.
Heavy DutyIt includes washing other items like rugs, mats, curtains, etc.
Permanent PressIn this mode, high volume steam is used to press your garments.
Stream SantizeUses steam to sanitise clothes and prevent any spread of disease by washing clothes together.
BeddingThis mode is especially for bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets.
ActivewearParticularly for activewear apparels that require a mild wash.
WoolSuitable for washing woollen items like shawls, sweaters, scarves, etc.
Rinse+ SpinThis will only rinse and spin your clothes.
Spin OnlyUseful when you want only to rinse out the water from the clothes.
DelicatesUseful for washing your delicate clothes like party dresses.
TowelsFor cleaning of towels and bathrobes.

There are also some of the other features as well. Let’s have a look at those too.

Features Name
ColoursA mode primarily for coloured clothes.
Self Clean+This notifies you to clean the machine itself every 40 cycles.
OutdoorWashing mode for outdoor apparel and fabrics which are more prone to the soil.
Small LoadUseful for washing small loads, like for one person.
DenimA specialised program for washing your types of denim.
Super SpeedWash any load of clothes with full performance in just an hour.
Stream AllergensUses steam to kill harmful allergens from the garments.
Stream NormalNormal mode for a daily steam wash.
Power StreamA more effective mode to increase the amount of steam.
Stream WhiteParticularly for white clothes and garments.
Stream BulkyUsed for steam washing bulky items like jackets, bed sheets, blankets, etc.
Power RinseHigh power mode for enhanced rinsing.
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Soil Levels

This smart washing machine uses AI to sense the soil levels in the laundry.

It ranges from Heavy > Medium Heavy > Normal > Medium Low > Light.

This helps quickly analyse how much detergent, water and time is required to completely clean the load, further managing the resources judiciously and saving time on less dirty clothes.

Temperature Level

Similarly, it has different temperature levels to ease washing the clothes more quickly.

Starting from Hot > Warmer > Warm > Cool > Cold.

Depending on the type of dirt, it will choose the optimum temperature for its removal and clothes cleaning.

Say the laundry is heavily stained and dirty. In this case, the machine will use hot water for instant cleaning. On the other hand, for regular clothes, it will use Warm or Cool temperature as required.

Spin Speeds

The washing machine has variable spin speeds for every situation.

Extra-High > High > Medium High > Medium > Low > Extra Low.

Depending on the type of wash cycle, the spin speed is analysed and used.

The motor offers a maximum spin speed of 1,200 rpm for maximised water extraction.


The machine offers a wide choice of detergents, including fabric softener, bleach and main detergent.

It has functions like Auto Detergent and Auto Softener, which uses both the agents as and when required.

When a particular load goes through an intense wash cycle, the machine automatically uses the softener to smoothen and protect the clothes from wear.

Additional Features

The above was the set of features for different methods of washing and drying your clothes. But this Samsung WF8800 washing machine has some more to offer. It comes with various additional features like:

Child Lock

This prevents the children from fiddling with the buttons and dials, which may hinder the machine’s operation and lead to its breakdown.

Drum Light : The interior drum comes with a light to ensure proper visibility inside, making it easily usable at night.
Alarm : When the washing cycle is complete, it will play an alarm to notify you that the clothes have been washed.

AI Pattern

It senses your daily washing routine and assists you with different washing modes you have been using since the past washes to ease you in choosing the right mode.

Warranty Information about Samsung WF8800

  • One year warranty on Parts and labour.
  • A three years warranty on Stainless steel tub.
  • A ten year warranty on direct-drive motor.
  • Saves times and Resources.
  • AI Capabilities.
  • Wi-Fi and Smartphone connectivity.
  • Energy Star Certified (energy efficient).
  • May Consume more water.
  • No Manual temperature settings.
  • Installation is time consumng.
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Final verdict

Looking at the specification sheet and a whole load of features in the Samsung WF8800, this is what we expect from a brand like Samsung. It is a pretty washing machine with gorgeous looks, but it works like a giant.

In addition, it also comes with a compatible dryer that will dry your clothes with the click of a button. The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is a good feature for a washing machine. It allows you to connect to your smartphone and have control right on your palms.

It also has a couple of other accessories like a pedestal, a riser, a stacking and a multi-control kit.

A pedestal is a 2-in-1 unit, and it increases the height of the washing machine with a built-in drawer for keeping your laundry.

Secondly, the riser is to increase the height without any in-built drawer.

The stacking and the multi-control kit are for stacking a dryer on to the washer and for controlling the dryer from the washer, respectively.

Smart AI technology gives meaningful suggestions to the users to use the appropriate mode to clean clothes properly.

Keeping the current scenario in view, the Steam Sanitize and Steam Wash feature is a much-needed feature these days to disinfect clothes and apparel. 

Moreover, it is a very good product by Samsung. I’m very much impressed by this new appliance. These are my early impressions based on the specifications. We will be giving our full review when we get to review the product.

Till then, guys, enjoy reading!


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