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Samsung or LG: Which is the best refrigerator brand

samsung vs LG

When it comes to buying refrigerators, Samsung and LG are among the top brands which come to our mind. Both are well-established brands with great products and a good customer chain. Many of you may be confused about which brand to go for.

In that case, we brought you a detailed comparison about both Samsung and LG refrigerators to clear all your doubts and help you make the right decision.

So, without waiting any further, let’s get started.

A brief history: Samsung

Started in 1983, Samsung is a South Korean brand, established worldwide as the leader in the electronics and appliances field. They produce a wide range of products from small electronics to big home appliances.

When it comes to refrigerators, Samsung is one of the well-known and trusted brands. They produce a variety of refrigerators and cater to everyone’s needs. You must have come across some of Samsung’s appliances.

Due to their long experience and exposure to the Indian market, people easily trust Samsung as a home appliance brand and electronics brand.

A brief history: LG

Just like Samsung, LG is also a South Korean company, started in 1947 and was founded by Koo In-hwoi. Even it is also a very old brand which has a great experience and a huge customer base.

They are also well-established in producing a wide range of electronic items. The range includes televisions, home theatres, washing machines and refrigerators.

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Samsung vs LG refrigerators

Both the brands are very well known for good and feature-rich refrigerators. When it comes to innovations and technologies, LG has the lead; while in terms of beautiful design and handle-less refrigerators, nobody does it better than Samsung.

To further assist you, let us learn about them closely.

Facts about Samsung refrigerators

Being one of the most successful brands in India and globally, Samsung is the best brand when it comes to delivering stylish and elegant products. In fact, Samsung products have a great market share ahead of many other brands.

Samsung’s refrigerators offer twin cooling systems which provide a great lead than other brands. This allows it to control the refrigerator and freezer independently, which allows in better and efficient cooling.

Samsung also excels in beautiful handle-less designs, which makes the overall look of the fridge seamless and sleek.

Samsung’s refrigerators and their unique characteristics

Samsung’s appliances have some great features, which always fascinate their customers. In the case of refrigerators, Samsung has come up with remarkable features; you definitely need to know. They are:

  • Touchscreen integration with voice control and notifications support on the refrigerator.
  • Metal cooling mechanism to regulate the inside temperature of the fridge.
  • FlexZone Technology– a feature that easily converts your refrigerator to freezer or freezer to refrigerator, according to your preferences
  • Samsung’s refrigerators can brew cold tea into drinking water with the help of its auto-fill water pitcher feature. 
samsung vs LG

Facts about LG refrigerators

As mentioned earlier, LG is the best brand when it comes to innovation and the introduction of new technologies. They deliver top-quality products which were aimed at ease the work of their consumers.

LG has a feature called spherical craft ice, which makes ice last longer and reduces the melting of ice. This is a particular feature which you will not find in Samsung refrigerators. LG’s Inverter Technology is another great innovation. This provides efficiency and better regulation of the compressor’s speed. It thereby results in less consumption of electricity and optimizing the noise.

Due to the inverter technology, the food, fruits and vegetables remain fresh and chilled for a longer duration of time. It is achieved as constant temperature is constantly maintained through this technology.

LG refrigerators and their unique characteristics

As you all know, innovation is in LG’s DNA, making it stand out from the crowd. Therefore, LG refrigerators have some unique and bespoke features, which you will not see anywhere else.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Smart ThinQ Technology for remote management of the fridge
  • Auto door open- The refrigerator senses when someone steps in front of the refrigerator and the door opens automatically
  • LoDecibel Operation– noise-free operation of the compressor
  • Insta View Door- you can see what is kept inside the fridge without opening the door.
  • Smart Diagnosis- allows you to diagnose any problems with your appliance quickly.
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samsung vs LG

Compressor Technology

When it comes to compressor technology, both brands have their own innovations. In competition to LG’s Linear Cooling compressor, Samsung’s Digital Inverter compressor is a tad better.

LG’s Linear Compressor

The linear cooling tech is a smarter innovation in terms of the durability of the compressor. But it has some flaws regarding the linear compressor. One of the big issues is with the evaporator tubing, which works in synchrony with the compressor.

Another big deal is to reset the compressor. You need to either unplug the unit or trip the circuit breaker system for a minimum of 30 seconds. After this, the compressor will start cooling again in under 24 hours after the relay of the compressor kicks back.

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor

The digital inverter technology of Samsung can control the temperatures by adjusting the compressor’s speed. This results in optimized running and less noise from the compressor. This compressor saves around 40% electricity when compared to conventional compressors.

One big disadvantage is that it has more greenhouse emissions. It is a great choice over conventional compressors as they are less efficient and consume more electricity.

Door Configurations

While searching for the best refrigerator, you look out for various other features. But the main buying factor relies on which type of door configuration you are looking for.

Both Samsung and LG refrigerators have various door configurations available so that their customers are never let down.

Below are some of the door configurations, which you should know about before buying a refrigerator.

Single Door

Single door refrigerators are the most common and widely sold refrigerators. In this, the refrigerator has a single door, and inside the refrigerator, there is a freezer section.


It is a slightly advanced form of a single-door refrigerator. In this, the freezer section is a separate unit just above the refrigerator and has its own door. Nowadays, double-door refrigerators are more preferred due to the big storage space and the introduction of new technologies.

Side by Side 

In this configuration, the fridge and the freezer are placed next to each other in a vertical position. The opening crease of the door acts as a central dividing line. It is very convenient as per positioning and also offers a good amount of freezer space.

French Door

French door configurations are the latest trend in refrigerators. In this style, two doors open outwards and either they can open together or individually.

Since it is now in trend, these refrigerators are very expensive and are preferred by elite buyers. For most of them, side by side refrigerators gets the job done.

4-door French Door

In these types of refrigerators, there are two doors on the fridge. One on the top and the other at the bottom. These are just four hinged doors that make a complete quadrant. On the top, it has a French-door style; in the middle, you will get a pull-out drawer, and at the bottom, it has a freezer. These types of refrigerators are very expensive and very complicated for repairing.

4-door Flex

In these types of refrigerators, you can easily switch from fridge to freezer or vice versa. It also has doors placed in four quadrants. Each door is equally divided, two at the top and two at the bottom.

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I hope all the readers must have got a detailed overview of both the refrigerator brands. Both are very well-established and have good expertise in the field of refrigerators.

Each brand has its distinguishing features, and both these companies are ruling the market with the latest offerings, technologies, features and innovation.

Also, both are very reliable brands, so nobody doubts their products.

The last decision depends on you, the consumer, what your requirements are and are fulfilled by which brand. Also, price plays a crucial role apart from your requirements.

Comment down your favorite brand among these two, and if you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

Till then, stay safe and healthy.


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