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Nothing Ear 1 TWS for Rs. 5,999 in India, features and more

Nothing, the newest entrant in the tech product and smart devices’ industry, is all set to launch their first-ever product, the Nothing Ear 1. Wireless earbuds are claimed to provide you pure audio experience with a different hint of taste in terms of design.

With a plethora of TWS manufacturers in the country, Nothing is trying to do something different from the masses. Nothing uses a different design philosophy and technology in creating their product, which stands out from the crowd.

Let us know more about it in detail.


  • Nothing Ear 1 will be available via Flipkart in India.
  • The Indian price of the TWS is Rs. 5,000.
  • It is launching on July 27 globally.


Nothing is a tech-based startup company founded in late 2020 by Carl Pei. Carl Pei was the co-founder of OnePlus earlier, and he resigned from the post to start his venture.

The company’s main motto, Nothing, is to create products that “remove barriers between people and technology“.

They are tech and intelligent devices’ company, and they are starting with their first product, the Nothing Ear 1. It is true wireless earbuds or TWE, and according to Nothing, the TWE will combine raw beauty and precise engineering to give you a pure sound experience.

If you are worried about their brand’s name and market presence, don’t worry since they are new to the market! The team at Nothing consists of many famous people from the tech industry. 

Naming some of them, Kunal Shah from CRED, famous American YouTuber- Casey Neistat, and four members from Google Ventures- Tony Fadell, Josh Buckley, Steve Huffman and Kevin Lin.

Let us know more about the upcoming Nothing Ear 1.

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nothing ear 1
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Nothing Ear 1: Features and Specifications

Sometime back, when Nothing’s product portfolio wasn’t revealed, co-founder Carl Pei claimed they will reinvent the consumer tech space with their products, which are effortless yet beautiful.

After that, Nothing partnered with a Swedish company called Teenage Engineering. This partnership suggests that concepts of minimalism and engineering will inspire the idea and philosophy behind their products.

In some concept renders of the upcoming TWE, the earbuds carried a transparent design with visible inside components.

Another revelation, just before the launch, confirms that even earbuds would have transparent and translucent accents on the casing.

The TWE will be a partially transparent product, where the stem of the earbuds would be transparent, and the rest part will be opaque. Also, the prominent area of the buds will have some coloured markings.

For those who don’t know about Teenage Engineering, they are a famous name in the wearable audio space. We can highly expect their expertise and engineering to reach a wider audience through Nothing Ear 1 TWE.

That said, Nothing Ear 1 will have high-quality components inside as well, which will enable fine-tuning to deliver a pure sound experience. The earbuds are also expected to have the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature.

Apart from minimalist and engineering-based design philosophy, Nothing is also aiming to create an ecosystem where all the products will work in sync and seamlessly with each other. However, we are not clear about this goal, but it can be some plans regarding smart connected devices and others.

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Nothing Ear 1: Price and Launch date in India

The Nothing Ear 1 will launch in India and globally on July 27. As the launch date is inching closer, we can expect the brand to reveal some more info about their upcoming true wireless earbuds to promote and hype their product.

It will be available in the country via Flipkart right after the global release with a price tag of Rs. 5,999 in India. While in other countries, it is priced at 99 euros, which roughly converts to INR 10,227.

Also, the product landing page on Flipkart indicates the price as Rs. 5,999, so I hope the pricing be the same and not any introductory offer/scheme.

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nothing ear 1

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Early Access Scheme: Nothing collaborates with StockX

On July 19, Nothing Ear 1 will go on sale through StockX’s direct-to-customer product release model. StockX is a very popular and busy marketplace of high-demand sneakers.

The products are sold on StockX through online bidding, so the same will be with Nothing Ear 1. The online bidding will continue until July 21.

There would be 100 units of limited edition, Nothing Ear 1, which will have their serial numbers from 1-100 engraved on them.

So, if you are interested in checking out the Nothing Ear 1 before the official launch, you can try your luck at the bid. Note that StockX also ships products to India, so you can try it out if you want.

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So, here was the quick and latest update to the upcoming Nothing Ear 1 TWE, which will launch on July 27. It would be interesting to see what former co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, has planned for Nothing as a tech brand.

I am eagerly waiting for their product to launch and check out how their transparent design theme looks and feels in person.

Let me know your views about Nothing Ear 1 in the comment box below.

Till then, stay safe and healthy.


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