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A Complete Guide on How to Select the Best Refrigerator for You.

Refrigerators are one of those bulky and huge appliances used by almost every household worldwide. They have a boxy, rectangular form factor and take up most of our kitchen space. 

Now, as times have changed, there have emerged a lot of different types of refrigerators with varying designs, door styles, capacities and what not. Buying one of them has become a tedious task, rather than in earlier days. Even refrigerators have become smart today, so it has become more challenging to choose the best refrigerator for your needs.

Well, that is not it. We brought a complete and comprehensive refrigerator buying guide that will focus on each factor to help you choose the best refrigerator, which suits your requirements and complements your home decor.

Starting right away, let us make your task easier by having this guide in the form of a questionnaire which will help you clear your doubts instantly and effectively.

So, let us begin the search for the best refrigerator for you.

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Set Your Budget

The most important aspect while buying a refrigerator is your budget. It plays the role of the deciding factor which decides which product are you going to buy. To start with, make an estimate on how much amount you are willing to spend.

Usually, a simple single door refrigerator will cost you in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000. The side by side refrigerators starts at a price of Rs.65,000.

As it is a long term investment, plan wisely, and it should also be capable of catering to your future needs. 

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Choose the right capacity for your needs.

As you all might be aware, the capacity of a refrigerator is measured in litres. With the development of technology and the growing demands of people, the capacity range of refrigerators has grown exponentially. 

But for your personal needs, you need to factor out only one thing, i.e., the size of your family or the number of family members. It will help you analyse how much food will be stored in the refrigerator and which capacity would be ideal for your family.

In general, a family consisting of 2 to 3 members, a refrigerator with 150 litres to 250-litre capacity would suffice their needs. On the other hand, a more prominent family with 4 to 5 members will need a refrigerator with a capacity ranging from 250 litres to 500 litres.

A larger family with six to seven people will definitely need a refrigerator with a capacity ranging between 550 litres to 800 litres.

And if you are a bachelor, a refrigerator with 40-100 litres of capacity will fulfil most of the needs. It may also be that, even if you don’t have a big family, your requirements are more, so in that case, consider all the factors and then proceed further.

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Which one to go for: Frost Free or Direct Cool Refrigerators?

Inside a refrigerator, cold air is circulated to keep the refrigerator cool evenly. In a Direct Cool refrigerator, this circulation of air is achieved through convection. The main disadvantage of this method is an uneven distribution of cool airflow, which results in the formation of ice at a particular place in the refrigerator.

In this case, you need to defrost the refrigerator at regular intervals manually, and it also affects the compressor’s health. But refrigerators making use of this technology are quite cost-effective and also consume less electrical power.

While, in the case of frost-free refrigerators, there is no frost or ice, as the name suggests dealing with. The cool air is circulated inside the refrigerator with the help of electric fans. The fans evenly distribute the cooled air, and there is no ice formation at a particular place. But, as an advanced product, it is quite expensive compared to regular fridges, and it also consumes more electricity due to electric fans.

So, the choice depends on your preferences and needs, whether you need a frost-free or a direct cool refrigerator. If you are low on budget, then go for a direct cool one, and it will also save you some amount on electricity bills.

Which door configuration to choose?

Refrigerators come with different types of door styles. Primarily there are three types of door styles: single door, double door or side by side.

Everyone has their own choices and preferences, and in India, mainly single-door and double door configurations are staplers.

Let us understand each door style in detail.

Single Door

The single door refrigerator is the most common and widely preferred choice of consumers in our country. This fridge has one door for the freezer as well as the complete refrigerator. It has a compact form factor and comes in varying capacities between 165 litres to 280 litres, ideal for small families.

Since it is very compact in shape, it has limited storage options and comes with direct cooling technology, wherein you need to defrost the ice by pressing a button manually.

The single-door refrigerator range starts from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.20,000 spending on the capacity and other features.

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Double door

These types of refrigerators are the second most popular ones in the country, where the freezer is located on the upper part of the refrigerator and storing part is below, and both have their doors.

In comparison, a double-door refrigerator has more space than single-door ones, and it is suited for bigger households with 4 to 5 members. It comes in capacities ranging from 235 to 415 litres.

Since they have two different units for cooling, they are bound to consume more energy, but with energy star ratings, you can choose the one for better energy efficiency.

Double-door refrigerators come with frost-free cooling technology to provide even distribution of cooling. Double-door refrigerators would generally cost you between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 45,000.

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Side by side 

A side-by-side refrigerator has a partition right in the middle and opens like an almirah. With the central partition, you get equal distribution of space on both sides.

Side by side refrigerators come in different models and features; some aim at saving space, like putting shelves inside the doors. They are ideal for narrow kitchens because they don’t open much wide.

These refrigerators are very spacious and come with capacities ranging from 531 to 700 litres. The pricing of these refrigerators generally starts above Rs. 65,000 and can go up to Rs. 2,00,000 as well.

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Do you really need a smart refrigerator?

Like every other gadget and appliance becoming smart these days, refrigerators have also evolved to become smart. A smart refrigerator easily connects to a Wi-Fi network for an internet connection and provides features not seen on regular refrigerators.

A smart fridge can play music, work with voice assistants and also come with their dedicated apps. For example, let’s have a look at Samsung’s The Family Hub.

It is a smart refrigerator which has a built-in touchscreen that has food recognition technology also It can easily sense what kind of food you’ve stored inside the refrigerator and control the temperatures according to them. It can even make a shopping list for you depend on the groceries left inside the fridge.

A smart refrigerator with these smart features will definitely cost you up to 2 lacs-2.5 lacs, and hence, it is ideal only for elites and high-tech homes.

Are mini-fridges really helpful?

Mini-fridges are really small and compact form-factor refrigerators that are ideally meant for office spaces, hostels, PGs, or tenants. They are great for storing perishable items and instant use products like cold drinks, snacks, ice creams, etc.

Mini fridges were designed for compact areas which does not require the cooling of a full-fledged refrigerator. They are mostly available in the 50-90 litres capacity.

If you are low on budget and thinking of buying it, don’t go for it because it does not have ample space to cater to all your daily needs. Moreover, a refrigerator is a long-term investment product that should be bought while thinking about the future.

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A minimalist look or some stylish door patterns?

These days, refrigerators have also become a part of your home’s style statement. Numerous refrigerators come with different design patterns like floral designs, graphics or metallic and colourful finishes.

A refrigerator is an appliance that is used 24/7, and its look will definitely impact your kitchen’s visual appearance, as well as on your mind. If the fridge’s design complements your kitchen’s style, it will gel in properly with the environment, and you will also not have an odd feeling looking at it.

Today, most of users prefer a clean look on their refrigerators because it perfectly blends with almost all types of interiors. Stainless steel finishes have been more prominent in the market these days, though you will not be able to stick magnets on the doors.

Newer designs like black stainless steel or some matte finishes have also been in the trend. You can also choose colourful options like red, dark blue, white and black, but these options are usually not found in high-end models.

Choose the correct type of compressor.

Compressors are the main working part of a refrigerator, which helps in maintaining the cooler temperature inside the refrigerator. A small and cost-effective fridge usually comes with normal compressors, and medium to large ones come with inverter technology compressors.

Let us know the difference between these two compressors:

Normal compressor

Initially, these compressors started with higher speeds and then gradually came to constant speed. Even though there has been no cooling loss, they will start off at higher speeds and then keep running at a constant pace. When the required temperature level is reached, it cuts off.

Inverter technology compressor

Inverter technology compressors are energy efficient and very adaptable in nature. They can work at variable speeds depending on how much cooling is required. They usually start at a slower pace and speed up only if more cooling is required.

Some key features to look out for a while finalising your choice.

Since their invention, refrigerators have seen many innovations, like the debut of the egg holder, which is the most used feature of the refrigerator worldwide. Nowadays, there are multiple features available that totally influence the functionality of your fridge.

Focussing on your needs and budget will make your job of finding the best refrigerator very easy, rather than running after big brand names and their big, bold claims.

Like, there was once a trend about the water dispenser feature on a fridge, which will provide you with chilled water right out. Although creative, many people prefer taking water from their purifiers or taps and prefer traditional water cooling methods. And in the off-season, this feature is of no use. So, go for the features which really matter to you and not by the market trend.

Some other features which you should check out are listed below:


A warranty is something we should check out, not only for refrigerators but also for other appliances. It saves you from spending extra money in case of any breakdown of your product. 

I prefer the brands which provide some extra offers on their warranty period or have some plans for an extended warranty period. Because if you are purchasing an expensive product, spending a little more amount would be more reasonable than spending on the repair costs.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerator is a product which keeps running 24/7 around the year. So, to keep the electricity bills in check, your fridge should be energy efficient.

Whenever you buy any heavy electrical appliance, look for Energy Star rating labels on the product. The stars on the label tell you how efficient your product is. 

The more the number of stars, the greater the energy savings. Obviously, a 5-star rated fridge will cost you more than a 2-star rated one, but it will save some of your expenses in the long run.

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All that being said, we tried to cover every aspect you should figure out while buying a refrigerator in a more creative way to understand your requirements and select the best refrigerator as per it.

I hope this article must have proved helpful to many of the buyers out there. Do share it with others to help them in buying a better product.

Comment down below which type of refrigerator do you prefer. Till then, stay safe and healthy.


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