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Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Google Pixel 6

In May this year, the first-ever look of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 devices surfaced online, courtesy of a famous leakster Jon Prosser. This time around, Google is certainly trying to bring a super unique design. In my opinion, I quite much liked their new design scheme.

Also, according to some reports, Google would be probably removing the “XL” naming convention and go for the “Pro” branding.


The upcoming Google Pixel 6 devices will come with Google’s chipset called the “Whitechapel”.

Both the devices will run on Android 12 out-of-the-box.

They are likely to launch in October.


Recently, Google announced their latest version of their mobile operating system, the Android 12. The new OS comes with several new upgrades, and it had undergone a significant design overhaul throughout the UI. Talking about features and optimizations, processor management has improved with substantial changes in performance efficiency.

Google said that the Android 12 OS would be officially rolled out for the users, in the coming months, most probably around October. This is also the time when Google would be launching their Pixel 6 series of smartphones.

Though there are a couple of months left for the upcoming launch, many leaks and rumors are floating around about the Google Pixel 6 series.

Let us all know about it in detail.

Design of the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices

The Pixel 6 devices will come with very thin bezels up front with a centrally aligned small punch hole as per some alleged live images. The back of the device will have a two-tone color, with the horizontal camera bump being the dividing line between the top and bottom parts. The colors on these devices are some pastel shades, where the top and bottom parts contrast each other, just like their Android 12 OS, ‘Material You’ theme.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro will have a triple-rear camera setup with a LED flash and color correction sensor, aligned horizontally in a camera bump. Google Pixel 6 will have a dual-camera setup at the back with a similar design but a smaller form factor.

At the bottom of the smartphone, we can see two speaker grilles with the USB Type-C port placed in the middle. We can expect that these devices will not come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Also, this time around, Google has skipped the physical fingerprint scanner at the back, so we can surely expect an in-display fingerprint scanner for biometrics security.

Both the devices will surely support 5G and Wi-Fi 6E support, as the ‘Whitechapel’ chip is supposed to be very similar to the Snapdragon 870 processor. And worth mentioning, Google will provide up to 5 years of updates for these devices. This is an upgrade from the previous timeline of three years of upgrades for the Pixel devices.

Other key features of the devices are listed below:

google pixel
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Google Pixel 6 (Codename: Oriel) Specifications

Here are some alleged specifications of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 smartphone:

Display Size6.4-inches
Display TypeAMOLED display
Rear Camera50 MP main sensor + 12 MP ultra-wide
Front Camera8 MP
ProcessorGoogle Silicon (Whitechapel)
Storage Options128 GB and 256 GB
Operating SystemAndroid 12
Battery4614 mAh
google pixel
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Google Pixel 6 Pro (Codename: Raven) Specifications

Here are some alleged specifications of the upcoming Google 6 Pro smartphone:

Display Size6.71-inches
Display TypePlastic OLED technology
Rear Camera50 MP main sensor + 48 MP telephoto + 12 MP ultra-wide
Front Camera12 MP
ProcessorGoogle Silicon (Whitechapel)
Storage Options128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
Operating SystemAndroid 12

At the Google I/O event this year, Google revealed that they are working on improving their photography software. They have worked on improving their computational software to improve image capturing. 

For this, they also collaborated with image experts to improve the results while capturing images of people with varying skin tones. We could expect that the Google Pixel 6 series of devices will have killer camera performance inside and out.

Moreover, Google’s custom chip, GS101 or Whitechapel, will also help in achieving this. The chip is being manufactured by Samsung, which will have ARM-powered CPU cores. It will be an octa-core processor with two Cortex-A78 cores, two Cortex A-76 cores and four Cortex A-55 cores. Accompanied by ARM Mali GPU, it will be manufactured by a 5 nm fabrication process.

Price in India and launch of the Google Pixel 6 devices

Nothing much is known, as of now, about the pricing of the devices. But looking at the specifications and upgraded features, we might see some increase in the price of these devices.

As per our expectations and knowledge, the pricing of the Pixel 6 may start from Rs. 55,000, and the Pixel 6 Pro may start from Rs. 65,000.

Last year, Google launched their Pixel 5 smartphone on September 30, so we can likely expect the same timeline for the Pixel 6 devices. Probably, they are expected to launch in October.

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So, guys, this was our coverage of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices. We brought you in-depth information about the upcoming smartphones from Google, which I am sure would be the best Android smartphone to go for.

Let me know your views about the upcoming Google Pixel 6 devices in the comment box. Hope you all liked the content.

Till then, stay safe and healthy.


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