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pubg vs faug

FAU G vs PUB G has been the talk of the town lately, let’s see some major differences between both these games.

FAU-G was launched on Tuesday, i.e., 26th January 2021. Leading up to the launch, there have been several comparisons between the two titles. To begin with, FAU-G was announced days after PUB-G Mobile was banned in India and has been perceived as its alternate, if not a rival. The developer of the game ‘nCore’ came out and clarified that FAU-G is not a direct competitor to PUBG mobile. Still, one cannot overlook resemblance in their names. But, the similarities end right there. 


  • FAU-G launched in India on 26th January 2021
  • It is an entirely Indian app
  • FAU-G soon to be available in two more different game modes for users

Major Differences

Now let’s get into the details of FAU G vs PUB G

Game Mode

As soon as you open FAU-G, you realise it’s a totally different game. Thanks to the modes on offer, PUBG was an out battle royale game, and one of the reasons behind its success was how the entire experience was designed.  It allowed users to enter the area individually, in teams of two or four. On the other hand, FAU-G lists three different modes-‘ TALES FROM THE GALWAN VALLEY’, ‘TEAM DEATHMATCH’ and ‘FREE FOR ALL’. Out of these, only the first is available to play right now and is a single-person campaign mode that takes you through a predefined storyline. 

Game Play

The character in the campaign mode of FAU-G primarily engages in hand-to-hand combat to take down enemies. But at times, he also uses weapons such as spiked bats, axes, etc. Everything happens on its own. There are no special moves either and the animations are automatically decided too. 


Sound is one of the key point of FAU G vs PUB G. At least at this point, it isn’t the way you could engage with other users. PUBG allowed the user to talk. FAU-G doesn’t have that option. In fact, the background sound in the game is really poor and annoying at times.


Faug vs Pubg

An area in the debate of FAU G vs PUB G, where FAU-G takes advantage over PUBG is availability. Like it or not, the game is available for download in India now, while the chance of PUBG comeback is decreasing with each passing day. This gives the developers a window to work on the already available features and even launch new modes with better gameplay.

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Concluding this discussion on FAU G vs PUB G we would like to say that, launch of FAU-G is promoting local Indian apps while the Chinese apps are banned. It will help us to know about the sacrifice of our soldiers on the battleground for our country’s safety.

PUBG threatened our country’s security and sovereignty, while FAU-G has promised to keep the information of users secure. The development of this game is a step to promote the idea of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT.

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