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How to buy the best Washing Machine in 2021


With the invention of the Washing Machine, we got free from a long hour of manual washing. So, here in this article, We have made it easy for you to choose among the Top Washing Machines in India which are trending in 2021.

Looking out for Best Washing Machine in India? Then you are at the right place. A New Beginning. A Clean Start.


So, here we are with the Top 7 from the Best Washing Machines in India.

Notwithstanding, but it is not that easy to bring you the best appliances in India based on the features and specifications

Since you are browsing Daily Tech Suggest, we are here to help you with all your questions especially about India’s best washing machine.

Whether It is the traditional Top Load Washing machine or the latest high-end and truly efficient Front Load washing machine. 

We did a Comprehensive research on different features and specializations to make this article robust. Highly recommending you to go through the article line by line to the end.

If you think about the best washing in India, here are some most common questions which generally strike in your mind:

  • Which is the best front load washing machine?
  • Which is the best top load washing machine?
  • What is the best washing machine brand in India?
  • Which is the best fully automatic washing machine?
  • How to choose the best washing machine for my family?
While visiting Daily Tech Suggest (DTS), you will find your answers for all your questions about Best Washing Machine in India.


This article will help you decide on the best washing machine in India based on our detailed research, so that you can shop the best home appliance under your budget preference.

You can also check out our article on Cleaning of the Washing Machine to know details about maintaining your washing machine.

Find below the precise data about the washing machines as well as the top model washing machine you were searching for.

Top 7 Best Washing Machine recommendations out of all reviewed as in 2020.

Top 7 Best Washing Machine in India

In 2021, here are the Best Front Load Washing Machine in India | Fully Loaded Washing Machines

01.  IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Load Machine – Senator Aqua SX, Inbuilt Heater

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IFB is an Indian brand that especially manufactures Washing Machines. Its forte is to manufacture indeed the best front load Washing Machines. They are packed with the integrated features that give you a perfect as well as desired wash every time.

Key Highlights:

The capacity of 8kg Load

Suitable for families with five members or more

Fully-automatic best front load washing machine

1400 rpm spin speed

Four years warranty on motor and mechanism

IFB is the only known brand which gives four years 100% Super Warranty as well as ten years parts support. 

The super cool features like Aqua Energia, a filter treatment for hard water to Cradle Wash. IFB is the only known brand which gives 4 years 100% Super Warranty as well as 10 years parts support. The most important feature is that it washes designer clothes with equal care as that we do in a hand wash

Smart Features: One of the Best Washing Machines Under Rs. 30000

Brand in India: 

Being an Indian washing machine brand, IFB dominates the Indian home appliances market by supplying magnificent quality washing machines across India's. 

IFB specializes in making the best front load washing machine in the country India. 

Digital Display with LCD Screen:
One of it's best features is it's LCD digital display. It is highly user friendly and sizeable. It informs you about the wash time remaining, the chosen program, and the current wash cycle. Specialized Silk mode: The love for your precious silk clothes made IFB design you a Washing Machine with a specialized program for Silk clothes washing. It's exclusive Laundry Add feature lets you add more clothes even if the wash has begun.
Auto Balance System:
This feature automatically finds unbalanced garments very quickly and distributes them so that it should go under a consistent and stable wash. It's tough to remove the stubborn dirt from the clothes.
Bubble Wash Feature:
The bubble wash features of Senator Aqua, Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine, create a lot of bubbles that go into the fabric and take out the tough stains and stubborn dirt.
Aqua Genie Mode:
The next feature is the Aqua Genie Mode. This extensive feature helps in softening the water in order to help in dissolving the detergent properly for a more gentle wash.
3D wash system:
With the help of the ball valve technology, the water is released out and keeps the soap inside. It prevents wastage and improves the liquid. It is considered that the 3D wash system is a dynamic system that will give you a glowing spotless wash by soaking your garments.
Extended Features:
Your favorite clothes are something which you care about the most, this extended feature of the washing machine protects your clothes from any damage. The extended feature called Crescent Moon drum helps in this. The Crescent Moon drum is laced with a High Low voltage mechanism in order to safeguard this machine from sudden voltage fluctuations.

IFB washing machines come with a robust inverter motor to deliver undoubtedly an excellent washing experience with the least noise and vibrations. The smart inverter motor feature has been developed with this purpose in mind that it adjusts the energy consumption, depending on the Load.


  • Perfectly works under low-pressure water supply


  • May have weak customer services in certain areas

My personal choice. I have been using this for more than 3 years without any trouble. But be sure about the features installed in the Model.

Rest everything is fine. Cheers!!!
Amazon- Best Washing Machine

02.  Bosch 7 kg WAK24168IN One of the Best Front Load Fully Automatic Machine

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These days, modern age technology has made things easier as well as rescued many houses in the form of Washing Machines. Bosch WAK24168IN is a 7 Kg is undeniably a Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine that works at a frequency of 50 Hz. It has a total weight of about 71 Kg.

Key Highlights:

The capacity of 8kg Load

Fully-automatic front load washing machine with excellent safety features

Suitable for a family of 5 or more members

1400 rpm spin speed

Vario-Drum with a wave-droplet

Bosch is the only known brand which gives four years 100% Super Warranty as well as ten years parts support.

Smart Features: One of the Best Front Load Washing Machines Under Rs. 35000

Vario-Drum with a wave-droplet: 

With a LED Display and a superior finish, this machine is laced with German technology and contains robust housing. Vario-Drum with a wave droplet design is the unique feature of this machine. 

The stainless-steel drum is provided with this machine to make sure that the strokes should not damage your delegate garments. The company only gives this unique feature. 

Anti-Vibration design: 

To reduce the effect of vibration and noise even during high-speed spin cycles, this machine has unique Anti-Vibration design features. Apart from this, it is the only brand to provide three suspensions for stability. 

Active Water Feature: 

With the help of the Active-Water feature, this machine is designed in such a way that our main resource, i.e., water, could be preserved. 

It also adjusts the water quantity by sensing loads as well as sort of fabrics. 

This feature helps in using water optimally in order to save it from wasting unnecessarily.
Allergy Plus/Hygiene Program:

The optimized water influx in this machine helps it to ensure whether the laundry is soaked very soon as well as evenly. 

It is to tell you that the machine holds the record of being the first washing machine in the world to come with an allergy plus/Hygiene program by ECARF and gives the user an awesome hygienical wash. 

Volt Check: 

The reload function is another highlighted function. It allows us to remove clothes in-between the wash. This feature is specifically designed to feature volt checks along with the power supply interruptions.

The Speed Perfect feature of this machine ensures that the washing time is reduced by up to 65%. Hence it gives you more time to devote to the things and works you like doing.


  • Saves water, time, and energy
  • German engineering


  • No option to manually change water temperature.
  • Installing the machine takes time
Amazon- Best Washing Machine

03.  LG 6 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Load Machine – FH0FANDNL02

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This washing machine mainly offers two things – convenience as well as a modern aesthetic appeal. We not only get different wash options for regular and kids’ clothes but also packs a system that helps us with any issues we might be facing with the washer.

Key Highlights:

The capacity of 6 kg load

Warranty of 2 years on machine and ten years on motor

Fully-automatic front load washing machine

Suitable for a single or two people

1000 rpm spin speed

It has a direct drive motor in the washer, which ensures a reliable as well as quiet operation.

LG washing machines are indeed designed for the future. This appliance uses 6-motion technology in order to eliminate the toughest of stains by moving the drum in multiple directions.

Smart Features: One of the Best Front load Washing Machines Under Rs. 25000

Six Motion Direct Drive Technology:: 

Known to be one of the best machines available in the market. With the help of its six motion direct drive technology using a six-step cleaning process, which involves stepping, cleanup, stumbling, swinging, filtering, and rolling. 

With the help of this particular technology, this machine ensures that your clothes are as good as new after a wash.  


It has a reliable and quiet motor. It also has ten years of warranty, which gives us a feeling of mental peace. 

Best Quality Inverter Control:: 

It also has inverter control, which provides you with optimum washing performance. 

This advanced feature generates an amount of electricity which is actually needed, and additionally, it saves water as well as electricity bill. 

Waterproof Touch Screen:

You will get a 100% waterproof touch screen control panel with this machine. 

Auto Troubleshoot System:: 

It’s self troubleshooting mechanism is it’s most original feature which troubleshoots the problems and repairs the machine. The diagnosis is done with the help of a smartphone. 

These Washing Machines come with a robust inverter motor with this purpose in mind to make it deliver an excellent washing experience with the least noise and vibrations. Moreover, the advantage of the smart inverter motor is that it adjusts the energy consumption, depending on the Load.


  • Excellent washing quality
  • Silent machine with Direct Drive Technology
  • Excellent safety features


  • No spin only option
  • Installing the machine takes time
  • A repair can be more expensive than other models.

04.  IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua SX Best Front Load Washing Machine Fully Automatic

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Diva Aqua SX has a Laundry Add feature, which lets you slip some clothes even if the wash has started. Moreover, the 2D Wash feature ensures effective washing, as well as the Aqua Energie feature, ensures that your detergent is consumed properly. 

Key Highlights:

The capacity of 6 kg load

Suitable for single or 2 people at affordable price

Fully-automatic front load washing machine with excellent international features

800 rpm: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time

Four-year warranty on machine and motor 

It comes with Anti Allergen, which removes allergens; as a result, it gives you fresh, clean clothes that keep allergies at bay.

After reviewing some of the best front-loading washing machines, all things considered, here is a high-quality top-loading machine that can match the models discussed above, feature-by-feature.

Smart Features: One of the Best Washing Machines Under Rs. 25000

15D Wash Program: 

Having 15 wash programs, this automatic washing machine from the renowned brand IFB transforms the dirt pile of clothes into clean as new laundry. 

This machine is best suited for couples and bachelors as it has 800 RPM drying speed. 

Best Brand Worldwide:
The laundry add function acts as the unique feature for this machine. This feature allows you to put the extra laundry aven in between the wash. The 2D wash helps clean the clothes thoroughly and Aqua energies cleverly optimize the use of detergent. IFB is considered to be one of the best brands of Washing Machine in India.
Auto balance system:
The wash and rinse cycle of the IFB washing machine uses a shower system that ensures a thorough soaking and a super clean wash.
Auto-Balance System:
With the help of an auto-balance system IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua SX Washing Machine automatically detects unbalanced clothes. And it’s high low voltage protection helps the machine against any situation of voltage fluctuations and eventually increases the machine’s life.
Child Lock:
To keep the machine safe from the activities of naughty kids, the machine has a child lock. The company provides you with a four-year super warranty and ten years of additional support. The machine becomes super smart and more efficient with the help of these features.

IFB Aqua comes with a high-quality smart inverter that makes less noise and vibrations; therefore, it ensures a better washing experience. Henceforth this washing machine is amongst the safest ones to use.


  • Suited for Indian conditions.
  • It saves water and energy.


  • Issues with after-sales service
  • No hot water washing facility
Amazon- Best Washing Machine

05.  Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WW80J4243MW/TL)

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Experience less noise as well as a long-lasting performance with greater energy efficiency. For this purpose, quieter and more powerful performance, digital inverter technology uses strong magnets.

Key Highlights:

12 different occasion wash programs 

Economical in terms of money and energy efficient

1200 rpm

Excellent for family of 4 members

8 kg load

As I have noted, Samsung offers an exhaustive range of Washing Machines to suit all budgets. This front-loading washing machine is one of the best in its niche because of its excellent features and user-friendliness.

In fact, Digital Inverter technology increases the machine’s efficiency while making less noise. It also ensures long-lasting performance. In reality, this technology uses magnets to optimize sound performance.

Smart Features: One of the Best Washing Machines Under Rs. 25000

Eco Bubble Technology: 

Time to forget about waiting long to get your clothes to get completely clean within a wash cycle.

This latest feature doesn't require extra hot water of abundance of time as it transforms the detergent powder into globules which filter clothes as well as perfectly remove dust and dirt at mere 15 degree Celsius. 

This machine also conserves electricity by soaking the bulk of clothes at a moderate temperature. 

Intensive Stain Removal: 

The bubbles created by this machine plays an important role in removing stubborn dust most effectively without ruining the quality of your clothes.

Durability Guaranteed: 

The Digital Inverter Motor present in this machine is a strapless motor invention that is capable of overcoming conventional machines with belt damage as well as nosy wash issues. 

It gives a soothing and noiseless experience and also increases the productive life of your washing machine. 

Aesthetically Pleasing: 

The luxurious glass door of this washing machine allows you to see every cloth while in the wash. 

It also increases the aesthetic feel of your apartment because of its luxurious looks. Its bright mastic forms a rainbow of pleasing hues by refracting the sun.

Comfortable Troubleshooting:

You can troubleshoot the problems and resolve those by using a smart diagnosis app with a single click. It detects the issues automatically and reports the issues to customer care.

Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization: 

The machine is so intelligent that it knows when to take a bath. It has the capability to clean itself without any need of harsh cleansing substances keeping itself in condition as good as new. 

Save Time on Smaller Loads: 

With the help of different wash programs as per the need, it saves time. The fast washing program helps in washing the less dirty clothes in a few minutes.

The Quick Wash feature is a highlight because it saves crucial time by cleaning your soiled clothes quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, the LED Panel allows for an easy clean view.


  • Attractive on the cost front
  • Excellent appearance complemented by a remarkable performance


  • No gentle wash mode
  • Some of the wash cycles take hours to complete.
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06.  LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHM1207ZDL, Luxury Silver, 6 Motion Technology)

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LG is known for its home appliances. Their washing machines are considered as few of the best out there. The LG FHM1207ZDL is also very stylish and will fit with ease in any type of decor. This makes the washing machine very versatile, and useful for all.

Key Highlights:

The capacity of 7kg load 

1200 RPM, which helps in drying clothes faster

10 washing programs

2 years warranty on the machine and 10 years warranty on the motor

Reputed Brand, washes even the toughest of stains

The LG FHM1207ZDL washing machine comes with 6 Motion Direct drive that enables different wash programs for effective washing. It intelligently senses fabric types and uses different washes for different types of clothing. 

Smart Features: One of the Best Washing Machines Under Rs. 30000

Direct Drive Technology: 

The Direct Drive Technology gives a quiet and vibration less performance with Silent Wash, as it eliminates the use of belt and pulley for its operation. This ensures that the machine runs silently and smoothly, without causing you any disturbance. 

Auto start: 

Due to the auto-restart function, the machine ensures it starts exactly from where it stopped during a power cut. Thus, you don't need to attend it even after a power cut.

6 Motion Direct Drive technology: 

It is LG's flagship technology, present in all their best washing machines. With this technology, the drum moves in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while the clothes are properly cleaned. 

Auto rebalancing: 

With Auto Rebalancing, the machine rebalances washing load by decreasing spinning speed if an imbalance is caught. So, your machine does not vibrate even with heavy loads. 

Time delay function:

Using the time delay function, you can delay the finishing time of a drying cycle. While the minimum time delay is of 3 hours, it can go as long as 19 hours. 

Baby Care Feature: 

Get germ-free clothes for your kids is important during this pandemic. Keep water at 40°C for 15 minutes and then at 60°C removes all the unwanted stuff like bacteria, enzymes, and detergent residue.

Stainless Steel Tub Clean: 

The tub is made of stainless steel, which ensures no rust. It is also cleaned by heating water at 85°C. 

You also get a waterproof touch screen panel in the machine. Another small but useful feature is that the tub tumbles after the spin cycle which does not allow the clothes to stick to the walls of the tub. This ensures that no wrinkles are formed on small clothing like underwear.


  • Heater included
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Troubleshoot system


  • Sometimes takes a lot of time to wash
  • Installation takes time
  • The water inlet pipe is short
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07.  IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua BX, White|Black matte, In-Built Heater)

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IFB is probably the best brand in India when it comes to washing machines. We have already mentioned two other machines from IFB in the list, which goes to show the brand’s prowess in the washing machine sector.

Key Highlights:

The capacity of 6kg load 

800 spin RPM, for fast drying of clothes

8 wash programs

4-year warranty on machine and 10 years warranty on its spare parts

Affordable price

IFB Diva Aqua SX 6 Kg is a good and efficient washing machine that will stand up to its name. It also offers a lot for its price. The machine also uses various smart features to ensure the best washing and cleaning of your clothes.

Smart Features: One of the Best Washing Machines Under Rs. 25000

2D Wash System: 

The washing machine comes with 2D Wash System, wherein the machine soaks the clothes through a shower system, which ensures thorough soaking and a cleaner wash.  

Aqua Energie Filter Treatment: 

Using advanced magnet technology, the machine breaks down calcium into minute crystals and energises the water. Thus, the detergent is efficiently used and provides for a much better wash than other machines.

Auto Balance System: 

IFB Diva Aqua SX's Auto Balance system ensures that it automatically detects and redistribute the unbalanced load, in-turn providing a uniform wash.

Laundry Add Feature: 

The machine comes with a Laundry Add feature, which lets you put more clothes during a washing cycle. 

Crescent Moon Drum:

The machine's smooth crescent moon prevents any damage to the fabrics in the wash cycle, by providing a gentle cushion during the wash. At the same time, the machine assures that the toughest stains are removed.

Ball Valve Technology: 

IFB Diva Aqua SX also comes with the Ball Valve Technology. The Float Ball Valve prevents any wastage of detergent by letting the water out while keeping the detergent in. You also don't need to add detergent mid-cycle because of this technology. 

The machine also comes with a host of other features like Express Wash and High Voltage Protection. The Anti-Allergen feature ensures that all the small particles that cause allergens are removed during the wash. All in all, the IFB Diva Aqua SX is a strong contender in the entry-level washing machines.


  • Affordable but trustworthy
  • Comes with a built-in heater
  • 8 washing programs promise thorough cleaning
  • The 5-star energy rating will save you money


  • Only 6kg of load size
  • The machine is noisy sometimes
  • No waterproof touch screen panel
  • Electric cable not long enough
Amazon logo

Final Thought!

In the end, I will complete this by a note that when you buy a home appliance, there are certain parameters that you set before you research.

The parameters might be the features, the Load (front or top) as well as mainly the budget. Keeping all things considered, all three machines mentioned above are the best in the category.

In Short, my personal favorite on the basis of my experience is the Senator Aqua SX by IFB. As I have said that all the machines mentioned above are best in the category, choose yours by reading the article and review. 

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