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Best Refrigerator Brands in India for 2021 You Should Buy From

A refrigerator, one of the most essential home appliances of every household, is, in fact, one of the most sought-after home appliances. Everyone looks for investing in a refrigerator which offers great features and at the same time is very cost-effective.

We all know it is a long term investment product. So, before you buy any refrigerator, you should definitely do some heavy research before making your final decision. And in this Indian climate, the refrigerator is an appliance that works 24/7/365, so doing proper research is a must.

Let us study about them in detail.

List of 7 Best Refrigerator Brands in India

With a number of refrigerator brands flooded in the Indian market, it is very hard to decide the best one from the crowd. Also, with rapid advancement in technology, new features are being added to new products every day. So, this becomes a very confusing situation as to what should you prefer according to your requirements.

To help you out in this critical situation, we have listed the 9 best refrigerator brands, which you should consider buying the refrigerators.


best refrigerator brands

It is one of the well-known brands when it comes to refrigerators particularly. Whirlpool offers best in class products that are widely acknowledged by people all over the world.

Their products are designed by bringing together various factors like innovation, design, ease of use and utility to create the best refrigerator one could buy.

IntelliSense and AI microprocessor are some original and bespoke innovations that are only found in Whirpool refrigerators. One cool feature is that the refrigerators can regulate the temperature based on the food kept inside the refrigerator and the outside temperature.

Efficient cooling inside the refrigerator is achieved by implementing Flexi-vents, and with the help of anti-bacterial filters, fresh air is supplied throughout the cabin.

Anti-odour technology reduces the ability of the product to degrade and increases its freshness. It has a big vegetable drawer, ice tray, and collector, making it very easy to use. The deep freezer keeps the ice creams chilled and solid, without any ice crystals. 

And with a charming look, Whirlpool refrigerators are very intelligent, which will definitely be a value addition to your house.

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best refrigerator brands

LG, a brand whose motto is to make people’s life good, is one of the oldest companies in the refrigerator segment. Their products are durable, innovative, value for money and of good quality. When it comes to several other appliances, including refrigerators, LG is a much trusted and lovable brand.

Whatever be your requirement, be it single-door, double-door, side-by-side or even mini-refrigerators, LG offers all of them at very reasonable prices.

Features like thermostat controller, moisture control technology, deodorizer, adjustable shelves, water dispensers and more are on offer from LG. Even some refrigerators also come with in-built voltage stabilizers.

LG designs refrigerators by understanding the user demands and real-time usage scenarios, which resonates with their motto ‘Life’s Good’.

Great attention is also paid to making their products durable and energy-efficient for the refrigerator’s long life and maintaining trust in the brand.

Hence, LG is one of the top brands which is adored by lakhs of Indian customers.


best refrigerator brands

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung is also among the leaders in the home appliances. As well as they also rule the electronics category in India. In fact, it is the favourite brand of many users due to its value for money products.

One of their main advantages is their excellent quality customer support and service. You will find that Samsung refrigerators are generally more spacious as compared to other brands, which makes them suitable for all kinds of usage scenarios.

Samsung offers two-door refrigerators in which the lower part of the fridge is easily accessible. The latest additions to their refrigerators like temperature control and the convertible fridge have made Samsung one of India’s best and most preferred brands.

Other regular features like adjustable shelves, water and ice dispenser, deodorizer, bottle racks, etc., are available on their refrigerators. Some extra features like Inverter technology, handle-less doors, and hidden hinges are some extra add-ons you get with Samsung refrigerators, making them a worthy choice for buying.

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best refrigerator brands

Godrej is a brand that represents ‘Class’, which has a good reputation in India as a refrigerator brand, which provides an affordable range of refrigerators. Being in the Indian market for a long time, they are very well acquainted with the habits and requirements of the consumers. This is the reason why Godrej has a loyal customer base in India.

Godrej always works upon their customers’ expectations as a good refrigerator brand by providing attractive and innovative features. Also, it has a good reputation as an affordable refrigerator brand.

With Godrej refrigerators, you get best-in-class energy saving, a very minimal cooling loss, thick insulation, deep chiller tray, door lock, big capacity vegetable drawer and toughened glass shelves.

They offer environment-friendly refrigerators, and the company has the lowest global warming potential.


best refrigerator brands

It is a Swedish home appliances brand known for their elegant and classy designs with great features like intelligent cooling. Electrolux is a brand name usually associated with kitchen appliances. They are widely used in commercial kitchens and refrigeration needs, and India is also one of its prime markets.

Triple-door refrigerators or what we call French-door refrigerators are some latest additions to Electrolux’s line-up. These refrigerators have some unique features like a perfect temperature drawer, through which you can set a temperature for the food items so that they stay ready to serve.

They put great attention to detail in their refrigerators. They are loaded with features, have a very attractive design, and are one of India’s top refrigerator brands.


best refrigerator brands

Bosch is a brand known for its technologically advanced products and heavy appliances, which manufacture washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. It has a global reputation, thanks to its German engineering, and a niche audience prefers it.

Bosch offers great storage space and has easy shelf orientations for efficiently organizing the food items stored. The refrigerators have good air circulation for optimum cooling in both refrigerator freezer areas. This makes it a preferred choice for many users.

With advanced German technology, Bosch refrigerators are very energy efficient. They come with advanced freshness technology and work on low decibels, making it a more premium brand.

Other features like air filters, bottle grid, airflow system, big storage drawer, warning system on temperature increase make it a competent brand in the segment.


best refrigerator brands

It’s been a while since Haier is marketing in India. The brand gained huge popularity after launching the Bottom Mounted Refrigerators (BMR), which was a revolutionary move for them.

Haier offers very reasonably priced and affordable refrigerators, unlike other brands. Its class-leading feature, the one-hour cool technology, is a great feature suitable for users who are always in a rush.

Haier refrigerators come with energy star ratings for lower energy consumption. It has smooth sliding drawers and ambient LED lighting for easy visibility of food items. The humidity control feature lets you control the settings according to your needs.

Convertible refrigerators are also on offer, which has twin-twist ice trays, stabilizer free operation and bigger crisper storage.

Overall, Haier is the best brand that offers convenience and comfort through its appliances at an affordable price.

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So now you have known about the best refrigerator brands available in India. I hope choosing which brand to go for must have become much easier. Sometimes it is very confusing going to a shop and the salesperson explaining all the whims and fancies of the refrigerator.

That is why you need to choose which brand’s refrigerator are you going to buy. After that, you need to focus on your needs and the features you need in a refrigerator.

After you have come up with some decisions, evaluate and compare them with other similar options. It will give you a better picture of the product. Most importantly, the budget should be in check while having all the features you need.

A refrigerator is a long-term investment product. It should be a wise decision to buy the best one, rather than regretting it for years.

That was all about the best refrigerator brands available in India for you to buy. Do check out our complete refrigerator buying guide article for further assistance.


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