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10 Best Plugins for WordPress


Though WordPress has many in-built features, you still need addons that can enhance your overall experience. WordPress has over 58,000 plugins, so you do have a lot of choices. 

This is one of the major reasons for it being the world’s most popular CMS. Getting the right set of WordPress plugins can help you boost your online business. 

But finding the best plugins from tens of thousands of options can be a grinding task.

10 Best Plugins for WordPress

Worry not, as we are here to guide you on the 10 best available plugins.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Let’s Start One by One :

#1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is probably the best plugin in the WordPress landscape. Installed in over five million websites, it’s pretty straightforward why it’s one of the must-have WordPress plugins.

It improves your SEO and analyses your content’s readability at the same time. It also helps you in crafting your page title, meta description, and other elements.

While the base variant of Yoast SEO is completely free, the premium variant starts at $89.

If you are fixated on WordPress as your CMS and need an ecommerce website, then WooCommerce is your saviour. The WordPress plugin is your complete all-in-one package of features that every online store needs.

WooCommerce doesn’t come with any limitations as to what you can sell and its quantity. The plugin even accepts payments through multiple payment gateways.

You can either use the free variant of WooCommerce or buy the premium version starting at $79.

#3. UpdraftPlus

Backing up and restoring your website is usually a hassle. However, that is not the case with UpdraftPlus. Both backup and restore are seamless and smooth, and you can set those backups to happen automatically every day or every week.

The plugin also integrates with cloud services like Dropbox for storing your backup files, or you can store them locally too. Restoration of your website to a previous version is also possible with UpdraftPlus.

The premium version starts at $42 a year and comes with a host of other features.

#4. Optimole

Images are the reason for your site’s long load times. However, considering the fact that over half your visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load, getting a good plugin to optimise your image feels like the best option.

While images aren’t the only factors impacting your website performance, optimising your WordPress images is also essential for improving your page load times.

Optimole automatically detects the screen size and resizes images in order to provide a fast and responsive experience to your users.

The plugin can also bulk optimise any old images that you may have.

Optimole is free when your website sees up to 5,000 visits per month. After that, you should opt for the premium version for $22.52 a month.

#5. Revive Old Post

Another plugin that you absolutely cannot miss is Revive Old Post. You might think that what it does is pretty clear from its name. However, it does not revive the site’s old posts but the past’s social media posts.

The influence of social media is already huge, and it is only going to increase. The plugin helps drive more traffic to your website via social media by taking your site’s new and old publications and automatically sharing them to Facebook and Twitter.

Both free and premium versions are available for Revive Old Post.

#6. WP Forms

A contact form is necessary for every website. It helps the user to stay in touch with you while you increase your reach. WPForms is the pioneer when it comes to WordPress plugins. It allows you to build contact forms, email subscription forms, surveys, polls, online order forms, payment forms and many other types of forms.

WPForms is one of the best plugins as over 4 million websites use it, and the plugin has maintained a 4.9 out of 5-star rating average for quite some time now.

There are two versions of WPForms- a free WPForms Lite version, and a Pro Version.
Getting the Pro version is for users who need powerful features to boost your lead generation efforts.

#7. Constant Contact

Email is still one of the most effective and most reliable marketing tools for a business owner. People check their emails in their free time, and hence it becomes a very yielding marketing tactic.

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing service providers in the world right now. It offers a quick and simple setup which is especially good for non-techy users. It also works well with other popular plugins like WPForms.

#8. SeedProd

WordPress is said to be one of the easiest CMS to use. Now, imagine doubling the ease, as that is what SeedProd does. It is one of the best drag and drop page builders when it comes to WordPress.

Users can make their custom website in minutes after they have installed this plugin. It comes with more than 100 templates, which look modern and aesthetic.

They also have pre-made templates for landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, maintenance mode pages, error pages, and many more.

#9. WP Rocket

Yet another plugin for improving your website load time. WP Rocket is a well-known caching plugin that allows you to improve your website speed and performance instantly.

WP Rocket automatically turns on caching settings like cache pre-loading, page cache, and gzip compression. You also get an option to use features like lazy loading images, CDN support, minification, DNS pre-fetching, among others.

Most importantly, WP Rocket automatically crawls and build your website cache, which causes an instant performance boost.

The only problem with WP Rocket is that it is paid. WP Super Cache is its free alternative, but its performance is not in the same league as WP Rocket.

#10. Sucuri

Security is a very crucial factor for any website, and hence we are ending this list with a security plugin. Sucuri is a WordPress security plugin that offers a web application firewall as well.

Sucuri monitors and protects your site from DDoS, XSS attacks, malware threats, brute force attack and various other types of attack.

While the free version of Sucuri does not offer an integrated firewall, the paid version does. However, a firewall is something that you can install on your own.

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Final Verdict

best seo plugins for wordpress

These are just the 10 best plugins from WordPress’ collection of 58,000+ plugins. There are many more addons that may suit your website better and enhance its overall quality. In the end, it all comes down to how much value you gain from your addons. And we promise that these 10 best plugins will surely provide you with a lot of value.

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